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Kushner says the White House is still in the ‘fact-finding’ phase on Khashoggi...I assume until they can find someone to destroy all the facts.
I’m beginning to think that Trump never got around to reading that Be Best pamphlet Melania left on his nightstand.
I’m going to miss Sears. Especially on those days when you just want to buy a suit, a carpet, an air conditioner, a lawn mower, a foundation garment, an air hockey table and a tractor.
A Wisconsin brewery is now making Candy Corn beer. Perfect, if you love the taste of wax but don’t have time to chew!
"I can't wait for my stepsons to murder you.”
Pre-orders for “Whose Boat is This Boat” are so strong, it’s flying off the shelves it hasn’t arrived on yet! All proceeds go to help hurricane victims!
Trump's EPA is loosening radiation regulations, so at least maybe we'll get some Mutant Powers out of this administration.
Not sure why we’re still trying to reason with the artist who wrote “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.”
Jeff Flake says politics have become too partisan. I agree — time to reach across the aisle and have tough conversations like: “Kids in cages: good or bad?”
The FBI is investigating Kavanaugh this week, and I'm on the edge of my seat to learn whether he's innocent or super innocent.
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