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Head of Growth at @Vocativ. Sorry about the sports tweets, kinda. Email: Steph@vocativ.com.

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After a long, crazy week, there is something so inherently satisfying about choosing to do absolutely nothing on a rainy Saturday night.
All I want is for @Bourdain’s food hall to open already.
I am not a runner. Today was day 1 of training for my first half marathon, @runDisney in February.

Can one of my runner friends please remind me why this was a good idea?
T-5 or so hours until I'm sitting around a fire pit drinking hot toddys with my friends and eating all the food and could reallyyyyyy use a TARDIS right now
There's a digital media crash and everyone is tweeting about it
Correction: We're all talking about it. Just in hushed, whispered, scared voices over drinks with industry friends. https://t.co/FBPYUl7TQT
Nostalgic for the Mashable days today.

Geez... look at the 50 zillion rockstars in this photo. (This was the *entire* company at the time.)
Well, SXSW 2012...

I guess Mashable isn't selling to CNN after all.
Mashable Agrees to Sell to Ziff Davis for Around $50 Million https://t.co/Q0MORQp2wU
why is everyone a creep
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