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@PresElectBiden : “Meeting the moment on climate change must begin with a recognition that every nation has a responsibility and every nation is at risk.” More: .

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England’s riverbanks and watercourses are about to get a lot greener 🌳 The #WoodlandsForWater  project will help plant over 3,000 hectares of new woodlands along rivers and watercourses to improve water quality and biodiversity. Read ➡️ #OneStepGreener 

The Covid-19 pandemic left us with data on the number of people who died. Families in US lost hundreds and lakhs of their loved ones forever. The Washington DC Memorial remembers them with a message written on a White Flag. @anjanaomkashyap ) #Coronavirus  #NewsMo  #ITVertical 

Refugees in India are receiving COVID-19 vaccines. 💉 No one is safe until everyone is safe.

Starmer waters down Labour rulebook overhaul as he drops electoral college proposal

No representative from Myanmar is scheduled to address the annual high-level UN General Assembly, a UN spokesman said

#MintPremium | Japan is by far the world’s oldest nation, with more than 29% of the population 65 or older, compared with 17% in the U.S. and 21% in Europe.

Damien Bendall to stand trial for deaths of mother and three children

Haruki Murakami reflects on his T-shirt collection, including one he loves to wear in the U.S. “Americans sometimes call out, ‘Love the shirt!’ The ones who do this usually have that ‘I love ketchup’ look about them,” he writes.

Many refugees have faced impossible struggles and food insecurity has been a reality for too many. We’re supporting them to ensure refugees going without proper nutrition is a thing of the past. #GlobalGoals  #FoodSystems4SDGs