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Here's to #NationalHotCocoaDay and future whipped cream mustaches everywhere. 🎉
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@momoisalesbian Did you just become Gold? If so, your Stars reset at zero. Think of it as you redeeming your Stars for the Reward of Gold. Congrats!
@senterfeitrd Nope! This is the real deal. As a Lyft rider or driver, you’re eligible for a one-time use Buy One, Get One coupon. Grab yours between 12/12 - 12/16 and use it by 12/24. Enjoy!
Which of our festive drinks do you enjoy the most, Gerard? 😀
Good luck on your last ever final! 💯
@DangeRussWilson Everyday heroes deserve all of our love. Thank you for giving good to the staff, volunteers, and families at @seattlechildren #GiveGood.
Thank you for flagging, Cesar. Did your barista activate it in-store? It should have a minimum of $25 on it.
Where specifically overseas?
@SirKingBruce Be sure to enable newsletter and notifications. That way you'll learn about Bonus Star Challenges that help you earn free Rewards quicker!
Is there a Starbucks location within that library? If so, it's likely they don't offer Mobile Order & Pay.
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