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Stanford University

Stanford University

This year, Stanford celebrates 125 years of impact in people’s lives and around the world. Visit the Stanford 125 website for information about upcoming events.

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Anthony Fauci joins @StanfordMed's  Dean Lloyd Minor for a virtual chat on Monday at 10:30 a.m. PT. Watch the conversation here:

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Stanford researchers are building a new assessment tool to support #COVID19  preparedness planning. Instead of relying on one or two projection models, it incorporates estimates from a number of respected organizations—"like using the wisdom of the crowd."

Stanford chemists have crafted molecular scalpels that shuttle potentially dangerous cell surface proteins to be destroyed. The tool could help researchers study and treat diseases like cancer and Alzheimer’s, whose causes are linked to surface proteins.

"Parents shouldn’t feel guilty that they aren’t doing enough," @StanfordEd's  Deborah Stipek tells the @nytimes.  “Schools are going to have to adapt to meet children where they are.”

@StanfordEarth  researchers have modeled how coastal flooding will impact Bay Area commutes over the next 20 years: