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Tuesday's Tell The Maven: Don Cherry called this guy the worst goalie of all-time. Who was he and who was the famed NHL personality who Cherry blamed for signing the errant puck-stopper? (NO HINTS. Too easy!)

@DerekFlexF  @NYRangerselix  Gump was a 100 per cent Hall of Famer and, yes, a mistake to trade him for Plante. Jacques was a NY disaster. C'est la vie!

Then we did the book, GOAL -- MY LIFE ON ICE, with Hal Bock.

@Dave_Stubbs @PeteWeberSportsW  @CanadiensMTLo  @HockeyHallFameu  @NHLl  @NHLdotcomd  it be fair, Dave, to call Rocket "The Babe Ruth of Hockey. " I would say so; how about you?


Dear John Tavares: Thanks for being so available under difficult interviewing situations. Now one question: What took you so long to make this "Toughest Decision." Why didn't you tell owners sooner?

Much sooner; as in soon enough so that the club you were so devoted to could make a move to compensate for your loss? Just wondering, pal.

Tavares did zero for the in the homestretch when needed most. His cheery homilies in the conference call did not impress me. Not one bit.

No question; if the make the playoffs, should #TaylorHallin  the Hart Trophy. What a comeback; what a season; what a leader; what a clutch performer. And what a trade pulled #RaySheroff  with @. #Oilers 

My buddy, #EvgeniNabokov , tells me that it appears to be time to "hang up the skates." If so, he will leave a legion of friends in hockey.

A difficult day for the @NYIslanders  & their fans. Know this: trust in Lou Lamoriello! #isles 

I am looking forward to my final broadcast with the utmost gratitude and disbelief that this all happened and it happened so fast. Thanking everyone would take weeks; months.

Getting #MattMartin  means -- what Don Cherry once said -- the @NYIslanders  have "best 4th line in hockey," with #Cizikas  and #Clutterbuck .