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To make more money, Facebook helps egg on religious hatred in India. Great reporting from @WSJ 

Rain so heavy you can't see more than a few feet ahead. Winds so fierce they could shear a tree in half. Derechos are often referred to as “inland hurricanes.” But unlike a hurricane, a derecho can come out of nowhere.

Updated CDC guidance notes “steadily increasing” rate of Covid-19 in children, suggests up to 45% of child cases may be asymptomatic

In 2018, a huge crack appeared in Kenya — it’s possible that Africa is splitting in two

The largest prime number ever found is over 23,000,000 digits

Can static electricity make chemistry more efficient – and greener?

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Let’s. Play. A. Game. Going live on Twitch, RIGHT NOW! —— 4DavidBlue ——

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This car had to be used in a crime, found abandoned and is stolen. The car was dumped in an alley in the 7700 block of S. Kingston in Chicago. @Chicago_Police 

“Where was the compassion? Where was the regret then, watching another human being, literally tortured to death.” @AttorneyCrump  wonders when I ask him his thoughts of #touthao ’s response to #georgefloyd ’s…