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"I call it stupidity on steroids," says @MarkWarner  if Congress can't reach a deal on #stimulus  calling for "a short-term emergency package to bridge us from now until the next administration."

BREAKING: $35B valuation for Airbnb at the high-end as it launches its IPO roadshow this morning and will trade under ticker $ABNB. @LesliePicker  has the story:

"Nobody needed to tell me this is the law--women are half the people on earth how do you not have women on your board?" says Howard Lutnick on @NASDAQ  board diversity proposal. "It should be the way people run their companies, and it surely is the way we run ours."

"Through it all, we've added 1.5M new runners this year. It's clear people are running. It's a tailor-made activity for the pandemic," says Brooks Sports CEO James Weber about business during #COVID19 . Have you picked up running this year? $BRKB

"We focused on disclosure as the foundation for our proposal," says @NASDAQ  CEO @adenatfriedman  on new board diversity rule proposal to the SEC. "It's really allowing investors to have a full set of information to make an informed investment decision."

"You're seeing more and more institutional pathways," says @novogratz  on #bitcoin 's bull run. "It is a digital gold story."

"During this pandemic, and time of disruption we feel really strongly about doing everything we can to keep people connected," says $ZM CFO @ksteckel . "We did see an increase in usage in September as millions of students and teachers went back to school virtually."

"We all hope like everyone does that we have a vaccine as soon as possible," says $ZM CFO @ksteckel . "We really believe these remote trends that started pre-pandemic are going to continue in a post-COVID era."


"I think China needs to stop interfering in the internal affairs of the United States because our treatment of Hong Kong is an internal matter," says @marcorubio .

The lack of tests for #coronavirus  is a “national scandal,” says @DrMattMcCarthy 

China "is not going to do anything that is good for us and they are never going to open up their markets," says @SenRickScott  on #tradetalks 

"For me, this is way bigger than a trade deal. This is a communist Chinese government that doesn't comply with anything," says @SenRickScott . "I don't believe there's ever going to be a deal."

BREAKING: Moderna announces Phase 1 #COVID19  results: After two doses all patients in the trial developed antibodies for the virus @megtirrell  reports

NEW: Eastman Kodak wins $765M loan from U.S. govt for drug production: "By the time we're done, they'll make 25% of the country's ingredients for generic pharmaceuticals so we will not be dependent on anybody else for those key generic pharmaceuticals," says DFC CEO @AdamCMMi .

Disney Heiress calls for higher taxes on the wealthy: "We do not have a society structured around fairness." #wealthtaxdebate 

"What put my life on a different trajectory was that someone intervened to give me an opportunity to close that opportunity gap," says @Merck  CEO Ken Frazier. "We're not asking people to give everybody handouts but we need to acknowledge that there are huge opportunity gaps."

"The entire Pacific Rim has less than 1,000 infections a day. Having a raging epidemic is not inevitable...certainly the entire Pacific Rim isn't in on a conspiracy," says @ScottGottliebMD .