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"It's unfortunate to see only about 80% of US athletes vaccinated. We had an opportunity to set an example for the world around vaccinations. Certainly our athletes had more access to vaccine than many other athletes around the world," says @ScottGottliebMD  as #Tokyo2020  begins.

"It looks like a way to mandate vaccination without mandating vaccination," says @ScottGottliebMD  on the NFL's #covid19  warning. "I think you're going to see more businesses do this ... more mandates get put in place. Business wants to restart."

"I think they are having a very hard time modeling this. They don't know where we are in this wave of infection," says @ScottGottliebMD  on the CDC. "We're vastly undermeasuring how much infection is already underway in the US."

"We grew our audience by 20M year-over-year ... we're delivering better ad formats, better relevance," @Twitter  CFO @nedsegal  on the company's blowout quarter. "The audience is so important as well. We're making it easier and easier for people to find what they're looking for."

"People come to Twitter when they can't be in the crowd to see the roar of the crowd. They come to see the highlights right after they happen. We'll have all of the medal moments on Twitter," $TWTR CFO @nedsegal  on plans for #Tokyo2020  impact on the company.

"We work so hard to make sure Twitter can be a trusted source of information around #covid19 ," says $TWT CFO @nedsegal  on misinformation. "We've removed over 11,000 accounts for violating our policies around Covid. We've removed over 40,000 pieces of information around Covid."

"We're more brand than we are direct response today and we have pretty unique signal relative to others. We feel like so far that has positioned us really well with these changes," $TWTR CFO @nedsegal  says he isn't worried about $AAPL's privacy changes.

The unsung hero behind today's fabulous $TWTR interview with @nedsegal . Thank you Vinny Castaldo for saving us from the sun.

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Today's #SquawkPod : $TWTR CFO @nedsegal  joins #SquawkPod  after the company's blowout quarter. Q2 beat estimates and revenue grew 74% year over year. Segal breaks down the earnings results, #Bitcoin , and fighting misinformation on the platform. LISTEN:

Today's #SquawkPod : @ScottGottliebMD  says he expects businesses and organizations to take a more authoritative position on vaccination requirements once full regulatory approval is given. Plus, why he is disappointed by #Tokyo2020 . LISTEN:


BREAKING: Melvin Capital closes out of its GameStop position $GME @andrewrsorkin  reports:

"Crypto has come from nowhere to be a force in the market ... it's here to stay. Cryptocurrency is not going away," The Carlyle Group's David Rubenstein#bitcoin . "The idea that the government is going to stop cryptocurrency from being something investors want is unrealistic."

"Don't listen to what they're saying. Just watch what they're doing. @elonmusk  is still long billions of dollars of #bitcoin  ... and he's not selling because of this energy narrative," says @APompliano  $TSLA $btc

The lack of tests for #coronavirus  is a “national scandal,” says @DrMattMcCarthy 

"The only thing that I know for certain is I want to have 5% in #gold , 5% in #bitcoin , 5% in cash, 5% in commodities," said legendary investor @ptj_official .

"We can make cross border payments which are slow and expensive today, we make them real time, very efficient, very low cost and that is good for the global economy," says @Ripple  CEO @bgarlinghouse , ranked #38  @CNBCDisruptors .

"These are the rules that we have set. When you have given rules, you have to be willing to accept the behaviors that those rules enable," says @mcuban  on retailers short squeezing. $GME $AMC $AAL $NOK $KOSS. "If you set these rules you have to live with the consequences."

"They tried to ignore it to make it go away. Jamie Dimon will tell you that," says @GOPLeader  on #bitcoin . "This is something that those who regulate, those who are in government that make policy better start understanding what it means for the future." #btc 

BREAKING: Moderna announces Phase 1 #COVID19  results: After two doses all patients in the trial developed antibodies for the virus @megtirrell  reports

"I feel betrayed," says Ken Langone. "Last Wednesday was a disgrace and should never have happened in this country. If it doesn't break every American's heart, something is wrong."