‘Errand boy’: US Attorney General #Barr  says #Congress  seeks to undermine @POTUS 

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I’m ready to believe that Volker was trying to do the right thing for US-Ukraine relations. But he decided to go along with Guiliani, Sondland, Perry methods that were wrong, and undermined official US policy solely to help Trump reelection. I wish he’d just say so.

Morrison has no explanation for why he ran to the NSC lawyer to make sure they knew what happened on a call on which nothing wrong had happened! It's....weird

If Volker was only working in official channels, why is he getting Guiliani‘a sign off on a statement that the Ukrainian President would deliver?

Morrison's position seems to be that the call was fine and yet he went to the NSC lawyers to talk about it and was worried how bad it would look if it leaked.

Volker is too smart and informed to ever believe that this crazy Crowdstrike-Ukraine conspiracy had any truth to it. Yet, he was happy to press the Ukrainians to investigate it? Odd.

Devin Nunes has Big Sucks-To-Be-In-The-Minority Energy

JUST IN: The Senate unanimously passed a bill aimed at supporting protesters in Hong Kong and warning China against a violent suppression of the demonstrations, a stark contrast to Trump’s near-silence on the issue

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"I am very concerned about @RepAdamSchiff 's contact and coordination with the whistle-blower... These things flavor the way that we come to this Ukraine saga, and the more we know, the more context we'll have to look at why we're even here in the first place." - @Rep_Matt_Gaetz 

@maitlis : “This is the Conservative press office pretending to be a fact-check service… you were misleading the public.” @JamesCleverly : “We were calling out the inaccuracies that were coming out during the debate" | | #Newsnight  #GE2019  #ITVDebate 

‘Deep State Crybaby.’ @ChristianWhiton  says Lt. Col. Vindman poured himself into his uniform to speak contemptuous things about @POTUS . #AmericaFirst  #MAGA  #Dobbs