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Twitter meltdown as #PrinceHarry speaks of baby joy, gushes over #MeghanMarkle https://t.co/3Lju44n0L7
German exports to #Iran hit rock bottom https://t.co/qzziC9ySb1
Female Syrian military journalist on captivity: Rebels 'threatened to dismember us' https://t.co/nljHQ8e6d5
#Greece to expand territorial waters to 12 miles from coastline https://t.co/asjbfrktpZ
.@colbertlateshow viewers urge @HillaryClinton to 'go away' amid possible third run https://t.co/QRm8EtjBXX
UK Home Secretary @sajidjavid roasted for tweet on 'Asian' pedophiles https://t.co/ffWYhaOUe3
Republican ad claims @TheDemocrats candidate from Minnesota 'owned' by @georgesoros https://t.co/Bxhg51HT4a
BREAKING: Reports say tha #Damascust accuses US-led coalition of violation of international law, killing civilians in letter @UNhttps://t.co/rAYgPoJhpzto
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#Australia refuses to partake in Riyadh forum after #Khashoggi death confirmation https://t.co/F0JAvaU5Aj
URGENT: Reports say that Icelandair flight makes emergency landing in #Canada https://t.co/Hi33OGM16B
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