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Ninety percent of US voters not affected by government shutdown, according to poll https://t.co/fQEXkeSi6D
Russia’s top diplomat Sergei Lavrov branded German Foreign Minister at grand presser
50 people missing after terrorist attack at Nairobi hotel, Kenya Red Cross says https://t.co/c3eJOMB7GZ
Canadian tourist says she was raped by French policemen https://t.co/WNDkPY8sgp
US still awaits concrete steps from North Korea on its nuclear program, @VP Pence says https://t.co/TXp6XZvwy8
URGENT: Natural gas explosion reportedly rocks apartment building in Georgia's capital https://t.co/ZP2Rb8K2vK
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BBC censors SNP Ian Blackford's #Brexit speech, Scots vent anger on Twitter https://t.co/TGaLvEiFE8
BREAKING @RT_Erdogan: doesn’t believe Manbij attack will unlikely impa @realDonaldTrumpct 's decision to withdraw from Syhttps://t.co/eZ2jkTXHkYria
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@RT_Erdogan CORRECTION: Terror attack in Manbij, Syria killed 20, including 5 US soldiers, @RT_Erdogan sayhttps://t.co/eZ2jkTXHkYs https://t.c
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US official announces start date for American withdrawal process from INF Treaty https://t.co/tS37fPP3xR
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