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Latest Scoops

Sit back, relax and find Outer Peace with @toroymoi's new album 🙏
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Peyton Manning played in his fair share of #ChampionshipSunday games. Now he's playing cowbell in @BradPaisley's Bucked Off video 🎶 Watch it now on the #HotCountry playlist https://t.co/iFu5vCJKnF
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Are secrets still a thing in the 📱 era? Stream @Anuel_2bleA and @KarolGmusic's new single #Secreto https://t.co/UPAfUcFb0f
This is your season, Aquarius ♒
We made you a #SpotifyCosmic playlist that matches your horoscope to music. Listen now 🎶 https://t.co/wdnzQNA7HG
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We used to be Seventeen too 😢
Watch @sharonvanetten's new video on the Ultimate Indie playlist now https://t.co/HwUXMaYaWF
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Mac Miller would have been 27 today. We'll forever celebrate the beautiful music he left us with. https://t.co/SZ5r7moMPx
The journey that lead to #HeardItInAPastLife.
Hear it from @maggierogers as she shares a special evening with her top fans + stream the album now - https://t.co/FMWMZwnuoo
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Work hard, play hard, especially when @iambeckyg is taking over.
Listen to #LBD and more on the Teen Party playlist 🎉 https://t.co/52PSjCScKW
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A special moment with some of @MikePosner's top fans listening to his new album. Now you can listen to it too. Stream "A Real Good Kid" now - https://t.co/cUhvFtWfSr
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