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19 years ago today the selected tom brady with the 199th pick since then 14x pro bowler 6x super bowl champion
19 years ago today, the selected Tom Brady with the 199th pick.

Since then:

• 14x Pro Bowler
• 6x Super Bowl champion
• 3x First Team All-Pro
• 3x MVP
• 81,693 career pass yds (including playoffs)
• 590 career pass TDs (including playoffs)

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FOX Sports Midwest
tommy edmanis there anything he can t do what a throw from third base tune in now on fsmw and fsgo
Tommy there anything he CAN'T do?! What a throw from third base!

Tune in now on FSMW and FSGO. #TimeToFly
FOX Sports: MLB
four home runs in his first 66 gamesfour home runs in his last 9 games robinson cano is getting hot with his s
Four home runs in his first 66 games...Four home runs in his last 9 games

Robinson Cano is getting HOT with his second home run of the night!

(Via @Mets)

@WWE 2 hours
up next finnbalor sdlive
UP NEXT: @FinnBalor. 🤘 #SDLive
@Cut4 1 hour
you ve gotta see gerardo parra s baby shark intro this is wild
You've gotta see Gerardo Parra's Baby Shark intro.

This is WILD.
WWE Universe
wweromanreigns doesn t look happy to see anyone in that ring sdlive
.@WWERomanReigns doesn't look happy to see anyone in that ring. #SDLive
im horny and im lazy
“I’m horny and I’m lazy” 😂😂😂😂
Jemele Hill
that awkward moment when youre looking for a co sign and instead you get
That awkward moment when you’re looking for a co-sign and instead you get ...

floyd mayweather and manny pacquiao exchanging jabs
Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao exchanging jabs 🥊
Complex Sports
kevin love shares the story of how lebron spoke the 3 1 comeback into existence
Kevin Love shares the story of how LeBron spoke the 3-1 comeback into existence. 🐐

New York Yankees
you ve outdone yourself sir
You've outdone yourself, sir.
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