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The 3,350-acre master-planned community would have homes, apartments, shopping, schools and more. https://t.co/w2fHKB2vfT
Clearer weather is on the horizon. https://t.co/bXZCrZVOGC
How to spot a non-native tortoise in the Red Cliffs reserve - officials say they found two just in the last week https://t.co/QyRgxPFGxa
A Utah man wanted to fight human trafficking. So he started running... https://t.co/owp4tVKt5m
In Utah and elsewhere, the conversation has shifted on Medicaid https://t.co/jKlMPHMOkL
That winning ticket may pay the bills, but it can't buy happiness, https://t.co/lg6D8DbKn6
"I knew it would be cool, but I didn't think it would be this cool" https://t.co/qArYAsUX8f
One senior official said the move "might be the most significant action taken by a president on Western water issues in my lifetime." https://t.co/b5gpPeBXZd
Lack of execution in critical moments plagued the Trailblazers all afternoon. https://t.co/HozwYV5sOK
“The juniors made the play but without those seniors, those juniors don’t do what they do." https://t.co/uP2OKoMUAG
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