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Latest Scoops

Attorneys for Brian Head Fire defendant Robert Lyman seek a change of venue, saying he will be unable to receive a fair trial in Iron County. https://t.co/raqgNRzlQz
Not only did Trump decline to denounce Russian meddling in the 2016 election, he sounded more inclined to believe Putin’s statement that Moscow didn't interfere than the unanimous conclusion by U.S. intelligence agencies that it did. https://t.co/M5BTETNQFj
Need another reason to be intimidated by the SUU offensive line? Zach Larsen likes eating your Christmas dreams. https://t.co/lSbvdc5vR6
The SUU offensive line is looking pretty intimidating. https://t.co/dRRqSLTDX5
Warnings and advisories are issued across southwestern Utah. https://t.co/yvjmttgiY4
It's been a rainy few days! Share your photos and videos: @SpectrumNews or community@thespectrum.com. Please include your name, location and date so we can credit you. #utwx #SouthernUtah #staysafe

Photo: Chris Caldwell/The Spectrum & Daily News
Check out these beauties! We'll be adding more photos from the July Jamboree throughout the day. https://t.co/Q6fUQmNqSr
A flash flood sent mud, debris and water into basements and yards. https://t.co/E4JQo4xMO5
Will interest in plant-based foods last? That depends on if people figure out what’s in the mystery meat. https://t.co/T2pRppxVs7
The Zion-Mount Carmel Highway reopened mid-afternoon after having been closed for nearly two days. https://t.co/MYwfCCglre
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