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  3. . and are 3.5 hours into today's spacewalk as they swap robotic hands on the canadarm2.
.@Astro_Sabot and @Astro_Maker are 3.5 hours into today's spacewalk as they swap robotic hands on the Canadarm2. https://t.co/yuOTrZ4Jut
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Oh also it's 90 something degrees in Austin and so I am Team Scooter. I would vote for any city to create real infrastructure for them. Chargers, lanes. I would also like it if they weren't designed to make startups rich, but were public owned.

The Scooters are good
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Where are the aliens asks @DKThomp https://t.co/3OhjqlWKpa

And I wonder if they are following me on Twitter :)
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