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It's Int'l #ObserveTheMoon night! Here's a photo of the Moon from the space station.
It's Int'l #ObserveTheMoon night! Here's a photo of the Moon from the space station.
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BTS are getting their own Funko Pops, along with Post Malone, Migos, and more #FunkoTFNY
If Mortal Kombat is too violent for you...
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This robot can bicycle without training wheels.
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Need a hand? This robot has got you.
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This recent image of Joni Mitchell (still recovering from a 2015 aneurysm) and her buddy David Hockney at @LALOUVER makes me very happy.
We have 12 years to make the urgent changes needed to avoid extreme heat, drought, floods, and poverty.
No, I'm not going to quote Tucker Carlson or Ann Coulter, even when they criticize Trump, which will happen more often as he inevitably implodes. They're soul-sucking opportunistic vampires who built careers out of keeping their fans misinformed and angry at the wrong people.
The real reason America is scared of China's Huawei: 5G and internet-connected everything.
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