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It’s #ObservetheMoon night! Here’s a shot of the Moon from the space station...
It’s #ObservetheMoon night! Here’s a shot of the Moon from the space station...


If Mortal Kombat is too violent for you...
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The second supermoon of 2019 will be visible on Tuesday night — but what *is* a supermoon, exactly? 💪🌕 @NASA astronomer Mitzi Adams explains >>
Battle royale of the battle royales.
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Been using as my primary search engine on desktop for a few weeks now. The best thing I can say is that I've hardly noticed a difference from Google! The results are totally fine, and reducing reliance on Google is extra fine 😍.
It’s important to know how to say ‘I don’t know’, ‘I don’t have a view’, ‘that’s not my field’, or ‘you would know better than me’.
"Faced with the fact that he has yet to build an inch of the concrete or steel wall he promised, Trump and his campaign have started relying on a rhetorical sleight of hand: speaking the wall into existence." Via @ToluseO @jdawsey1 @costareports
Amazon owns IMBDb, GoodReads, Twitch, Audible, a 10,000 Year Clock made of a mountain, a truck that dispenses raw steak alongside tech stuff, and so much more. This is our exhaustive map of the Kingdom of Amazon:
Google reportedly scored tax breaks using secret shell companies

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Was great to meet @mike_pence at our #seafoodandsecurity dinner friday night. I talked with the Vice President about the situation in venezuela and our reports from caracas.
NASA sends a fidget spinner to the space station
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