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NASA's page for updates from the International Space Station, the world-class lab orbiting Earth 250 miles above. For the latest research, follow @ISS_Research.

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.@NASA and @SpaceX are now targeting no earlier than 11:24 a.m. EST Wednesday, Dec. 13th, for the launch of the #Dragon resupply ship. https://t.co/wcETFiNrwX
The @SpaceX #Dragon resupply ship is preparing to launch Tuesday at 11:46am ET. The Expedition 53 crew is also preparing to split up this week. https://t.co/kVn2aiqVak
.@SpaceX targets Tuesday to launch its #Dragon cargo craft to the space station. @NASA TV will preview its mission beginning Monday at 11 a.m. EST. https://t.co/VfB8bXkxnQ
.@OrbitalATK​'s #Cygnus left the station this week packed with its heaviest load and the astronauts pictured the California wildfires burning 250 miles beneath them.
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The first spacewalk at the station took place 19 years ago today. Spacewalkers Jerry Ross and Jim Newman connected power cables to the new Unity and Zarya modules which had been attached the day before. https://t.co/Ffqz7xtErQ
Current space station resident @AstroAcaba will be guest DJ'ing from orbit during "The Joe Show" on Thursday, Dec. 7 at 5pm ET on @ThirdRockRadio. Learn more: https://t.co/BEAvgjfRY1
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Three spaceflight veterans of Expedition 55-56 are due to launch in March. @Astro_Feustel and @astro_ricky have flown on shuttle missions. @OlegMKS will embark on his second station mission.
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@usta @NASA @Astro_Feustel @Tennis @ATPWorldTour @espn @usopen @DiscoveryEd @sciencemagazine @PBSKIDS Hello @usta ! We answered your question live o @NASAn TV today. Check out our feed for the answe #AskNASAr.
.@USTA asks Exp 55-56 crew member @Astro_Feustel, "How will you spend your leisure time in space?" #AskNASA
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Hello @ASHAWeb! We answered your question live on @NASA TV today. Check out our feed for the answer. #AskNASA
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