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NASA's page for updates from the International Space Station, the world-class lab orbiting Earth 250 miles above. For the latest research, follow @ISS_Research.

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The Expedition 57 crew is getting ready to split up next week while researching what living in space does to their bodies. https://t.co/6K0Mk90QOO
The Exp 57 crew caught some extra sleep today after Tuesday's spacewalk then researched space biology and packed up for next week's crew departure. https://t.co/dei3V7DrGZ
Cosmonauts Oleg Kononenko and Sergey Prokopyev completed a spacewalk lasting 7 hours and 45 minutes to inspect the Soyuz crew vehicle. https://t.co/Wqfx2ZyRG7
Today's inspection work took place on the Soyuz Orbital module where the pressure leak occurred. The crew returns to Earth in the Descent Module. The Orbital and Service modules separate after undocking and burn up in Earth's atmosphere. #AskNASA | https://t.co/yuOTrYN8CV
@Pablo_PP1 @NASA The inspection work is being done on the orbital module which separates and burns up in the atmosphere. The crew returns to Earth in the descent module. https://t.co/uiv
Spacewalkers spot the patched hole on the hull of the Soyuz crew vehicle where a pressure leak was detected and fixed in August. #AskNASA | https://t.co/yuOTrYN8CV
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Yes. It will return three Exp 57 crew members to Earth on Dec. 19.
The "eureka" moment. Spacewalkers find the "small black dot" where controllers believe the area of the fixed pressure leak is located on the Soyuz crew vehicle. #AskNASA | https://t.co/yuOTrYN8CV
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@EarthlingMani @roscosmos @NASAsh Astronauts live and work for months at a time on the station helping scientists understand how a long-term space mission to Mars might affect the human bodhttps://t.co/MZKsRDePDhy.
Two spacewalkers work 263 miles above Earth performing a high-flying vehicle inspection on a Soyuz crew ship that will return three Exp 57 crew members home next week. #AskNASA | https://t.co/yuOTrYN8CV
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