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NASA's page for updates from the International Space Station, the world-class lab orbiting Earth 250 miles above. For the latest research, follow @ISS_Research.

Latest Scoops

A classic experiment is being conducted aboard the station to better understand gravity’s impact on chemical gardens. https://t.co/lxpHPldqVd
Cancer and rodent studies were on the Exp 56 crew’s timeline today helping doctors and scientists improve the health of humans in space and on Earth. https://t.co/pj26IcgFN4
The crew explored algae in space today, sampled the station's atmosphere and loaded the @SpaceX #Dragon for next month's departure. https://t.co/vWqFqNTGDH
Today's departure of @northropgrumman's #Cygnus space freighter leaves five spaceships parked at the space station. https://t.co/c6G2ZtJtmo
.@NASA and @CinemArtSociety invite filmmakers, professional and aspiring, to share their works inspired by -- and using -- NASA imagery through CineSpace, a short-film competition. But hurry, the deadline to submit is Aug. 1! Dethttps://t.co/GwNMIW0T4kails:
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.@Astro_Alex and @AstroSerena released the @northropgrumman #Cygnus cargo craft from the @csa_asc Canadarm2 at 8:37am ET today ending a 52-day stay at the station. #AskNASA https://t.co/1mgSEdHCD1
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The U.S. spaceship #Cygnus from @northropgrumman awaits its departure as @Astro_Alex and @AstroSerena prepare to release it from the @csa_asc Canadarm2 at 8:35am ET today. #AskNASA https://t.co/yuOTrZ4Jut
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.@Astro_Alex will command the Canadarm2 to release the #Cygnus cargo craft Sunday at 8:35am ET. Live @NASA TV coverage begins at 8:15am. We'll also answer your #AskNASA questions. https://t.co/yuOTrYN8CV
.@NASA TV will televise when @Astro_Alex releases the #Cygnus cargo craft with the @csa_asc #Canadarm2 starting at 8:15am ET Sunday. We'll also answer your #AskNASA questions. https://t.co/yuOTrYN8CV
From cancer treatment research in space to a fast-track cargo shipment, the space station was a hot-bed of activity this week. #SpaceToGround
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