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Because I no tomorrow I’m back on me health kick after moping around today I’m tempted to eat the crunchie bar before it hits 12am. Because then it’s classed as tomorrow right?

Sophie Kasaei via @YouTube  Iv finally started a you tube channel!! Please subscribe x

So since it’s #MentalHealthAwareness  week I have decided to do my first ever you tube video on how I changed my mindset. From such a negative place I changed my thought process and became a diff person. To watch full vid click here thank you 🙏

Anyone tried a earthing sheet before? Do they actually work? Just about to press put in basket but not sure if it’s worth it

So glad I havnt got a isolation drinking partner. Find it weird to drink alone. If I had one It would be like a whole series of Gshore again. Drinking everyday for 8 weeks. - Anyone had a bad influence iso partner ?

Looks like summer 2020 is actually happening!!! Thank fuck for these home workouts everyday for once in my life I actually think I’m going to be prepared to have a holiday. One last year of Ibiza then next year might find a husband if I can be arsed 🤷🏽‍♀️

Today will consist of cooking a roast dinner and drinking bubblegum pink gin. Happy bank holiday troops. 💃🏻

Isn’t it mad how you can hate certain foods and just not want them at all to then one day just enjoying them. What’s yours? Mines fish and olives

Oh and eggs. I used to hate them smelly things. Love them now 🥚

I have not seen one person on my Facebook talk or raise any awareness at all about the recent goings on. What the hell is wrong with people on Facebook. More bothered about arguing over a lazy spa and the weather than what is happening right now. Anyone else’s like this?


I wish I was one of those girls who could be arsed to dress up and look lush and put make up on every day. Instead Im a tramp all the time

Nothing worse when having a conversation with someone and all they talk about is themselves and not ask you a thing about you or how ya day was. Bored bye.

Heartbreak is possibly the worst feeling you can ever feel. It’s like there’s no way out ...it hurts..but time is the biggest healer and the universe has to let it happen to you to make you stronger and better, also for your heart to be taken by someone who deserves you ♥️?

I honestly believe that all girls are psychos. If not then you don't deserve a vagina.

I am so proud of you. One of the strongest and kindest girls I have ever known. I support you no matter what char ❤️

20s are literally the hardest worst time of your life,the struggles of insecurities,money, career, relationships are so intense! Silly stuff matter so much! It isn’t until you get a little little older that you realise all them things were just silly worries!I can’t wait for 30s!

Fuck me man when is this feeling going to go. Losing me head. Emotional, one day I’m abso fine and then one day I feel so down about what’s recently happened. It’s mad how you can be so happy and feel complete, then one day it’s all over and your back to square one.But I’m strong

When people have their girlfriend or boyfriends initials in their Instagram bio ?? na why u 9 ??

Honestly believe girls are worse than boys these days. It's not boys you can't trust it's the girls around them.I'm ashamed to have a vagina