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Chasing Trump on the campaign trail for @cbsnews. Stand up comic. NBA junkie. Pianist. RTs aren't endorsements. @comatbu alum

Latest Scoops

boy, nader needed that 3
celtics about to get absolutely *murdered* on national tv. not good. (not that this game matters for them.)
shoutout to me for these work socks I’m going to wear this week
when you read kyrie is seeking a second opinion on his knee
Here's an interesting late night guest coming up - Jimmy Carter on the Colbert couch on March 30th:
The trailer for the Fred Rogers documentary looks amazing. Although, I must admit I am skeptical of the quality of a feature-length movie about someone so universally adored without any obvious faults. There's not much drama to Rogers's life (that we know)
Marvel: 'Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history'

All the small rings
True care Blink brings
I'll take one vow
Your songs, best trip
Always I know
I'll be at your show
Watching, waiting, commiserating
The Comedy Cellar, yes THAT Comedy Cellar, is hosting a serious debate on Russia:
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