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Chasing Trump on the campaign trail for @cbsnews. Stand up comic. NBA junkie. Pianist. RTs aren't endorsements. @comatbu alum

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Ok about to delete the app and leave. But before I go, a couple things:
1. Harry should’ve ended up with Cho, not Ginny.
2. Celts shouldn’t trade Jaylen for Kawhi.
3. Pineapple (or any fruit) shouldn’t be on pizza.
4. Blue Moon is the true beer connoisseur’s drink.
Take care!!!
Might as well call it white jack
I’m flying out of the country later today and going overseas for three weeks. I’m deleting Twitter from my phone but I’m assuming there will be no news to keep tabs on anyways, so no worries on that front!
Pretty great profile of Nate Robinson here from @MirinFader. Talks candidly about depression, playing abroad, etc.
::eating non-chalantly. drops spoon. runs out of room::
He’s running
Hearing SI might be hiring. I am happy to refer only those named Ed Werder. We need to give people like Ed Werder a chance to get ahead in the industry.
@Edwerderespn I am genuinely curious (and a bit worried) about what you will tell aspiring young journos about the business given what you’ve said today.
Charles Barkley's answer on Family Feud needs to be seen to be believed. And the other twist in the video.
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