Facebook: "This is their information. They own it" BBC: "And you won’t sell it?" FB: "No! Of course not." Please help this 2009 interview of Facebook's CEO get seen by people who don't use Twitter. Here's a download link so you can pull and repost it:

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'Your Tier is not your destiny': Boris Johnson begs public to back new Covid lockdowns saying there IS an 'escape' route

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Hammersmith Bridge debacle means The Boat Race will be held in CAMBRIDGE for first time since WWII

Woman smashes hundreds of bottles of alcohol in Aldi causing thousands of pounds of damage

Rethinking drug laws in a new global moment: how policy can move on from the failed war on drugs

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Albanian woman, 30, screamed 'she tried to kill me' as she murdered girl, seven, by slashing her throat

For you oxy-gum and underwater boomerang kids out there. I see you.

Family of Fishmonger's Hall terror attack victim SUE the government after their son, 25, was stabbed to death

Owner of missing puppy gets message from stranger saying they've found the dog but WON'T give it back

Almost 250,000 women are overdue cervical smear tests this year due to Covid-19 pandemic