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I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public. Director at @FreedomofPress.

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@e3i5 A big hope here is that what additional transparency we can force out of the system as a result of such exercises provides enough string for us to pull at to get to what you're absolutely right in identifying as the more fundamental controversies.
@e3i5 I'm no lawyer, but in watching these natsec rulings across many jurisdictions, I read a general urge among those deciding these cases to rule as narrowly as possible and as late as excusable. Meaningful progress requires many bites at the apple, which secrecy aims to prevent.
For five long years, governments have denied that global mass surveillance violates of your rights. And for five long years, we have chased them through the doors of every court. Today, we won. Don't thank me: thank all of those who never stopped fighting. https://t.co/ARgbI5PKaa
Want to check out the source code, contribute your own, or just pull the APK without going through an app store? Here you gohttps://t.co/BS3zu51xKv:
We've helped over half a million people learn how to use Android phones to protect the places that matter to them with @gethavenapp. Check out this new interview with @n8fr8 on what's coming next: https://t.co/3ja2pN9ljG
Almost nobody among those trolling @nytopinion's new hires seem to have actually read their writing, beyond sarcastic tweets. @sarahjeong's articles aren't just insightful, they're often important. https://t.co/H6fQLYFqry
"According to the secret court that reviews surveillance... it didn’t matter whether the government was looking for the records of 300 million people or just one. But after Friday... the government may have to rethink mass surveillance altogether." https://t.co/kh0QokbIIZ
To fight words with weapons is more than violence, it is a crime against the Constitution. Those who justify such attacks are no patriots.https://t.co/WO1BhpFSnQ
I learned about this tweet by asking Lindsay why she was laughing so hard.
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