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I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public. Director at @FreedomofPress.

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Surveillance state defenders refuse to accept that a secret court routinely granting 100% of requests is a rubber stamp. But will you #FISA?
Discussion of rubber-stamp #FISA court must recall they knowingly permitted unlawful surveillance of every American. https://t.co/J9SsLeH7Qe
Whistleblower: Germany gets 27k photos of Assad regime torture&killing from "Caesar":
1) https://t.co/yxnBW8HFIG
2) https://t.co/nsqr7odnFE
My bad, friend. Just came down to what I saw in my mentions. They scroll by so fast I miss some. Mea culpa!
@easttopekan I do, publicly, all the time. Would you like to read about it?:https://t.co/AKnHgZSfoh
One can be against Catalan independence and still in favor of human rights. But one cannot be in favor of Rajoy's crackdown and say the same
Rajoy is free to oppose Catalan independence, but through persuasion alone, not violence. The use of force to halt a vote is oppression.
The right of self-determination—for people to freely decide their own system of government—cannot simply be outlawed. It is a human right.https://t.co/vXcMw2qnCE
The Spanish crackdown on inconvenient speech, politics, and assembly in #Catalonia is a violation of human rights. https://t.co/HL2xsYM1p4
Plot twist: @wikileaks publishes details on Russia's increasingly oppressive internet surveillance industry. https://t.co/bPZKh5npIK
@maranomynet @Rzhevsky Fair point. Hey @jack , can we get a little "THREAD " icon that displays when a quoted tweet has self-replies from its author? Seems feasible.
The process is literally called "restoring honor" in every English-language article I've read by an Icelandic newspaper.
@maranomynet This is often called a pardon, even when the penalty has already been served (see:https://t.co/mtvjJ9uIvw ). "Expungement " wouldn't fit 140.
@maranomynet @Rzhevsky No offense taken, I was just surprised to see disagreement on word choice characterized as "badly misinformed. " I read the reporting.
The PM, conveniently, claims he didn't know until last July, then covered it up it til reporters exposed it. https://t.co/EBFqy6nnXu
@maranomynet @Rzhevsky With respect, I think you read the word "pardon " too narrowly. "Restoring honor " is a post-penalty pardon (as with posthumous pardon).
TL;DR: the Justice Minister expunged the conviction of ("restoring honor", or pardoning) friend as requested by PM's father.
Corruption story: Justice Minister, PM & PM's father secretly pardoned friend who raped stepdaughter "almost daily for 12 years." #HöfumHátthttps://t.co/g7lLdA9Jzo
What explains the difference in #Harvard's treatment between Chelsea Manning and David Petraeus? Power. Never forget who institutions serve.
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