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When the world is headed in a bad direction, remember one voice can be enough to change it. Speak up — and stay free.

Don't trust th @nytimese ? Ok. How about the government's own report? They downplay torture, since they don't want to go to jail for it, but they document the same crimes:

1) TL;Dhttps://t.co/AyiUzbUenIR:

2) You want the raw PDF instead? I got you, fahttps://t.co/7hWH4wfkH3m:
Note: Gina Haspel participated in a torture program that involved beating an (innocent) pregnant woman's stomach, anally raping a man with meals he tried to refuse, and freezing a shackled prisoner until he died. She personally wrote the order to destroy 92 tapes of CIA torture.https://t.co/09vWp7CifU
You know in movies, how it takes multiple people turning keys to launch a nuke? If something bad happens to you, @FreedomofPress's #Sunder project lets the people you trust work together the same way to recover your secrets. We need your help to finish it: https://t.co/bgZrfxkWhG
If the Congress confirms Gina Haspel, who admitted to participating in a torture program and personally writing the order to destroy evidence of that crime, is "qualified" to head @CIA, it says more about our government than it does about her.
Google is killing an absolutely critical protection for people in places like Iran, China, and Russia trying to reach uncensored news and chat. That this can slide without any opposition from US policy-makers is the epitaph on the US internet freedom agenda's grave.https://t.co/l5OSg72zQ6
Tell me about it.
Journalists working the story o @telegramf being blocked in Russia should be absolutely clear that @googleif @amazonand halt its access to their cloud platform or remove the app from their stores, they are witting collaborators in a censorship campaign, not victims of it.
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