tour starts tonight in brighton with us supporting @colossalsquidm1  but it is sold out so this tweet has little to no purpose

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Sea otters are such good moms ❤️

Trump's top campaign promises 1. Economic growth of 4%+(BROKEN, has never reached 3%) 2. Eliminate deficit and pay down debt (BROKEN, deficits exploding) 3. Mexico pays for the wall (BROKEN, diverted $ from military) 4. Taxes on the rich will go up (BROKEN, tax cuts for rich)

Nobody can add to or take away your God given worth.

Seek respect, not attention. It lasts longer.

Some people will ignore you until they need you.

One Direction once got kicked out of a hotel owned by Donald Trump, because they wouldn't get out of bed to meet his daughter.

What's the first game you ever finished?

VICTON gears up for 7-member comeback with sleek trailer for #Continuous  mini album

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