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Latest Scoops

Jeff Flake, the king of the empty gesture, took a stand against Trump that actually matters: https://t.co/OfKwehcjcF
15 minutes
A Trump judge! Ruled against Trump! In the Acosta case?! (It’s sad that it’s surprising.) https://t.co/zeyLO44HVY
24 minutes
#DearPrudie: If I refuse to get a flu shot, I won’t be allowed to see my new grandkid. Seriously? https://t.co/Y3IW9aoixm
31 minutes
Michelle Obama’s memoir is refreshingly honest and revealing—until she gets to Donald Trump: https://t.co/jGoGX4BdVy
38 minutes
Each fall, the hardy gingko tree loses its leaves in one night. It’s an ancient ritual—and a mark of climate change. https://t.co/IsXwPgK3hY
40 minutes
My daughter’s fiancé’s parents think we’re paying for the wedding. How do I nip this in the bud? https://t.co/IGfqlVKIAC
48 minutes
Two Navy SEALs, two Marines charged with killing Green Beret: https://t.co/KQMJdS53aJ
56 minutes
Facebook’s response to the damning New York Times investigation only proved its point. https://t.co/MRhf5ovDfD
Michelle Obama tells Jimmy Kimmel about a time when First Ladies could be friends: https://t.co/ZkMLMvR47e
#DearPrudie: The men never help with Thanksgiving dishwashing. https://t.co/f49InEiHQ0
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