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Political Editor@aclennell  says Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Royal Commission announcement last week “raised again the issues of tension between the Federal and NSW governments”.

Sky News host @RitaPanahi  says ANZ has launched another “virtue signaling” campaign “trying to convince us of how virtuous they are”.

CNN Reporter Dianne Gallagher says caucuses are “difficult to predict” but Democratic candidate @BernieSanders’ “ground game” in Nevada is likely to make him successful in the Nevada caucus.

Boeing confirms reports of new safety concerns with its troubled 737 Max aircraft.

NSW police will be better equipped to respond to people with autism after an Australia-first training program.

A vigil will be held in Brisbane on Sunday night to honour murdered woman Hannah Clarke and her three children.

LNP Senator@mattjcan  says he is “very focused on is making sure we do not glibly sign up to these fantastical, ridiculous next generation target like net zero emissions by 2050 and cripple our economy in doing so”.

CoreLogic’s Kevin Brogan says "another really big increase in auction activity" has been experienced across Australia's capital cities. @Westpac 


#BREAKING Sky News sources say Donald Trump was 'yelling' during his phone conversation with PM Turnbull and hung up after 25 minutes

Child Psychologist Clare Rowe says it's uncomfortable seeing world leaders listen to a child like Greta Thunberg who has “essentially received a one sided point of view her whole life”, and has “grossly exaggerated the impact of climate change”.

.: As of 7pm tonight, we believe that 40 people have lost their lives in this act of extreme violence. There are also more than 20 seriously injured. It is clear that this can only be described as a terrorist attack. MORE:

@rowandean : The media elite in London are the absolute swamp. They're desperate to remain in the EU. They hate Brexit. They sneer at anyone who wants to leave. MORE: #Credlin 

A nationwide day of mourning and reflection for the Christchurch attack victims is being held in NZ with a call to prayer from Islamic community leaders followed by a two-minute silence. MORE: #SkyLiveNow 

.: hasn't had fresh air, access to exercise or proper medical care for five years. As a result his health has rapidly deteriorated MORE: #Outsiders 

@rowandean : Climate change is a fraudulent and dangerous cult, which has paralysed and bewitched the ruling elites, and is driven by unscrupulous and sinister interests including the power-hungry socialist mob at the UN. MORE: #outsiders 

@RitaPanahi : Ilhan Omar was just asked to lend her powerful voice as a congresswoman to an important issue, but she again chose to play the victim, and the media helped to push that false narrative. MORE: #outsiders