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'Boris is behaving like a spoiled brat' says shadow chancellor, John McDonnell after the PM has sent additional letters to the EU 'undermining' his request for an extension. Follow Sunday politics live here:

Nicola Sturgeon says if Scotland voted for independence in a second referendum, there would not need to be a confirmatory referendum on the terms of the departure deal. The First Minister added that Brexit and Scottish independence should not be equated

"Either it's sexist, or they're scared, or maybe it's a bit of both" - questions why she will not be taking part in debates in this general election, when former Lib Dem leader did in 2010. Follow here:

"I'm not going to bandy around figures." Business Minister says Labour's spending plans are "reckless and unaffordable". But he won't say how much Conservative spending plans add up to. Follow live 👉

"These nuclear weapons are not the answer." says the UK should not be investing in "weapons of mass destruction", describing Trident as "not fit for purpose". Follow live 👉

"We have stories of people trying to pull out teeth with pliers." Labour's says people are doing "DIY dentistry" because they can't afford check ups. Labour are promising free dental checks in England. More on here: