?️ "SHAKE IT UP BABY NOW! TWIST AND SHOUT!" This is a must watch. ? @CAFCofficial  are LOVING it! ??? #CAFC 

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Oscar winner for best short-film. I can’t stop watching. Holy sh*t...

Chase Claypool sent an autographed jersey for a Steelers fan diagnosed with dementia. His reaction to receiving the jersey: priceless 🥺 (via bjswoager/Instagram)

Accept the #NZ  offer @ScottMorrisonMP  and let hundreds of refugees get to safety. 8 years is too long. The solution has been available for 7 years, take it. And end the suffering for people offshore and on @SonnyBWilliams  #GameOver 

NASCAR says they are aiming to fire engines for the resumption of the Texas race at 8:30 p.m. ET (7:30 local) tonight.

OHL GM’s will virtually meet tomorrow. It’s expected the league will announce a Feb 4th season start. Training camps are expected to open Jan 25th. Eight team playoff also expected to be unveiled.

CBS3 Photojournalist Shoved By Two People While Recording Damage Left Behind From Looting In West Philadelphia. @MattPetrillo  reports.

7 days until Election Day. Voted yet? Want to track your ballot? Need to find a ballot dropbox? Don't know your state's early voting dates? Not sure what to bring with you to the polls? The #VotingPlaybook  has your back! Your voice matters, let's make sure it's heard! #Vote