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Back to work in the new year with a familiar face.
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Back to work in the new year with a familiar face.


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Feel the chills this morning with @pineband's new video for #JILT https://t.co/vgxeqbjAIy
4D Replay Will Be Used By NBC At The NHL All-Star Weekend: STAMFORD, Conn. – January 23, 2018 – NBC Sports and the NHL announced today that they will work with 4DReplay to provide a unique 4D (four-dimensional video) look at replays, for viewers watching… https://t.co/U1BkGclKcL
Last year, Genie Bouchard lost a Super Bowl bet and went on a date with a Twitter fan. This year, she's going to the big game WITH HIM! https://t.co/KClcqjLU4C
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Seeing all this Brett Brown hullabaloo on Twitter this morning. Waaaaay back in my day the Sixers won 7 of 8, with wins against the Spurs, Pistons, Celtics, Raptors, Bucks and Nuggets. Things were so much simpler back then.
Since Berkeley Prep alumnus Nelson Agholor is set to play in this year’s Super Bowl with the Eagles, we thought you might enjoy a blast from his past. @BPS_Football @Eagles #Eagles #SuperBowl @TBTimes_Bulls @TB_Times https://t.co/ORwXSyACgr
Oriam comes into its own once again as the squad take to the field.
Hard work and a quality session with no disruption from the inclement weather 👌🏉
© | "I am really happy with how it’s gone - but I still want to continue to improve as a leader on and off the pitch."

@danturner11 on adapting to her new role as Ladies captain.

👉 https://t.co/9CCSxlS8Wn
Good news: @GleemanAndGeek will be back on @KFAN1003 for another season, with a live show every Sunday at 4:00 pm. We're beyond lucky to have our own show and I'm excited as hell for another season with @TwinsGeek on the #1 radio station in Minnesota. https://t.co/nyZ29oJwxd
That’s $18M in this year’s budget to build new shelter space and keep respite spaces open until the end of the year. Tory, in the open letter he signed one week ago, promised to do both. Costs ramp up in 2019, 2020
New briefing note importantly outlines three-year plan to open 880 new shelter beds (on top of 120 already budgeted for this year). When you include debt servicing, new staffing & operating costs of keeping 700 respite spaces open beyond April, council needs to come up with $18M
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