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Hey @BuzzFeedOz  farewell and thanks. Have you still got time to knock out 37 of the Best Treasury Estimates to Make You Feel Better About Your Household Budgeting? #auspol 

@BernardKeane  @SteveAustinABCStill  trying to get head around how "error " occurred on form that hadn't been designed, let alone filled out when figures were initially announced, but yeah, Shane Warne's mum caused problem. PS Not surprised that like all govt largesse, it hit 60% of announced spend

If this is the question 500 #ausbiz  companies struggled to answer correctly, then the possibilities are that we face more serious economic woes ahead, or Matt Canavan's mum is filling out the forms #auspol 

@stilgherrian  @paulwigginsWhat  documents? As someone who tried to access every detail they could find on the scheme, alongside some very clever accountants, there was very little beyond "announceables ".

Treasury says 500 #ausbiz  companies mistakenly put '1500' rather than '1' = 749,500 "error" workers, leaving another 500 businesses overestimating 2.25 million workers by this reasoning. At average 5k staff each, must be seriously big companies making a basic mistake #auspol 

FYI: ABS 2019 figures said Australia has 4,271 businesses employing 200+ workers.

About to have the Hour of Power with @KylieMerritt  talking #startupAus  on @ausbiztv  from 2-3pm. Tune in #techau 

Worth reading this RBA link on wages growth in light of #NSWpol  decision to freeze public sector wages. Caps been a decade-long handbrake on growth Gov. Lowe wanted removed last year #howtokillaneconomy  #ausecon  #auspol  #ausbiz 

Cracking show for debut today, including @mpesce  on the sharing economy's death rattles, @AusSpaceAgency  @SciAuEmbUS  on the mis @SpaceXion , the bloke behind the cro @NRLd  noise, on @AntlerAustraliats  latest cohort, 's ' @PayPalAUilver  tech' boom, & much more #startupAus 

Just coined portmanteau "zoomeral" - wish I hadn't, but glad I got to be in Benalla today via Zoom to farewell one of the town's great sons & servants, Phil Messenger OAM, former mayor, civic visionary, pharmacist, chair of AMCAL Group, massive Giaconda fan & much more. Vale.


Remember when the AFP spend 2 years chasing @PNSlipper  over a cab ride to a winery, then charged him with "dishonestly causing a risk of a loss" (set aside on appeal), then another 2 years investigating the leaking of his diary before giving up

The fastest-growing black hole in the universe eats a sun every 48 hours - and Australian astronomers have found it (via )

Facebook removed @caromeldrum 's @4corners  footage due to child nudity.That logic erases Vietnam's 'napalm girl' Kim Phuc from history too

Let's back this up. If you get $2,100 in franking credits, you're also getting $4,900 in dividends. The average dividend yield is 4-5%, so your share portfolio is worth min. $100k - outside super, pension or any other income. #qanda  #auspol 

Pauline Hanson in senate, John Howard addressing nation. All we need now is for @ABCTV  to screen Seachange & its the 90s all over again

Rosie Batty sums up the Andrews family law inquiry: “There has been a law reform commission inquiry with 60 recommendations presented to the government earlier this year; not one has been acknowledged or enforced.” #auspol 

Kevin now pushing for a national apology to himself. #abc730 

A devastating analysis by Martin on how ScoMo makes the poorest pay for Coalition pork barreling

Tonight’s “back in black” #auspol  #budget19  is like convincing yourself household spending is under control because you bought two winning $2 Scratchies (one paid out big with 3 coal symbols, the other 3 iron ore ones) and thus any structural deficit in family budget is solved.

There's a refugee team in the #Olympics . Thank god the games are not held in Sydney this year or the government would have turned them back