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Christian, Hubby, Dad, NCFC fan, Sky Sports Premier League & EFL Cup presenter & in a previous lifetime crew member onboard the good ship Blue Peter.

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A lovely #bluepeter reunion on the @BBCTheOneShow tonight and even more lovely having my boy with me.
I did mate - love it.
@jamesabernard @adrianwarnock @TimesONeill I understand it, it's just ultimately not very helpful, unless of course you can explain why, when I prayed with the most faith I have ever prayed with for my wife to be healed as she lay dying 10 months ago, those prayers went unanswered?
10 Months in . . . . . . . . . . 10 Reflections on Grief. https://t.co/jsnlw7ln3G https://t.co/BR7Wr90BDF
Yesterday after our Twitter takeover, Gemma’s story reached over a million people, many of whom didn’t know anything about blood cancer or its symptoms. That’s why I’m committed to helping @bloodwise_uk change awareness and hopefully save lives.
As part of their #makebloodcancervisible month, today I am doing a twitter takeover for ⁦@bloodwise_uk⁩ So much work already done to raise awareness about #bloodcancer but so much more to do.
Finding hope again after loss is so hard and challenges the very foundations of life in ways you never imagined. But when you begin to find your why again, when you begin to breathe in this amazing thing called life once more, despair begins to give way to hope.
I realise this is a somewhat random request but are there any experts in the language of Hebrew who can help me with something? Thank you.
This brought a massive smile to my face whilst enjoying my lunch. A trolley full of Donald Trump toilet rolls with the vendor shouting out the unforgettable phrase - “If you need a dump, don’t forget to wipe the Trump.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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