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Christian, Hubby, Dad, NCFC fan, Sky Sports Premier League & EFL Cup presenter & in a previous lifetime crew member onboard the good ship Blue Peter.

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A guy called Dan Ritchie & his family, who I haven’t even met, saw my for#snacknotes Ethan that I do each day and felt I needed some too, to encourage me to keep going when I feel like giving up. So he’s written one for every single day of 2018. That is #lightinthedarkness
Thankfully my boy is better. ❤️
I got busy with him when Gemma was ill and he was busy doing something else.
Feel absolutely gutted that my favourite day of the week has now become the worst. I actually can’t wait for Monday to come.
you’re very kind and thoughtful. Thank you so much.
Out of the shadowlands and into the light. Tool this photo of Gemma in France two years ago. Has taken on a new poignancy.
Eight weeks ago I lost the love of my life. Gemma was everything - my soul mate, my rock, the wind beneath my wings and a beautiful mum. The pain of life without her is at times too much to bear but out of this heartbreak the light will shine again. Life is so precious. God Bless
thank you so much Amie xx
I never expected a tweet about @bloodwise_uk ‘s #hiddencancer campaign to have the impact it did. I’ve had so many moving replies and I’m so sorry I can’t reply to all of them. To those whose story has been a positive one - I’m so glad. For those, like me, it wasn’t, God Bless x
Lovely to hear they came through it. God Bless x
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