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Christian, Hubby, Dad, NCFC fan, Sky Sports Premier League & EFL Cup presenter & in a previous lifetime crew member onboard the good ship Blue Peter.

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Every time I struggle my amazing boy, despite his pain, picks me up. He is my everything - the light of his Mum’s short life seeps out of every ounce of his being. #precious
This referee . . . . . . #WorldCupFinal
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The #Wimbledon crowd hoping for a contest.
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Very good of @DjokerNole to try and get this wrapped up well ahead of kick off in Moscow. #onesided #Wimbledon
Arm wrestle? Rock, paper, scissors? Staring contest? #IsnervAnderson #neverending #Wimbledon
Wishing @richardpbacon every good wish and prayers that he pulls through this. God Bless mate. You’re a good man.
There are some who will hurl stones, but as the saying goes "there but for the grace of God go I." Dan Lobb I salute your bravery. Not just because you're a loyal, loving friend, but because that took immense courage.
@alfredoshead @ITVLorra @reallorraineine you sir are a heartless buffoon. I was on to help people understand grief. Get over your narrow minded ignorance and grow up.
Nearly twenty years ago I walked rather nervously through these very doors at @thisistvc for my #bluepeter audition. What a ride the next twenty years were. #memories This time it’s an appearance on ITV’s #Lorraine today.
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