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Christian, Hubby, Dad, NCFC fan, Sky Sports Premier League & EFL Cup presenter & in a previous lifetime crew member onboard the good ship Blue Peter.

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The relentless march of time.
If you see her cheer on this amazing woman @JuliaImmonen She’s rowed the Atlantic so this should be a doddle #RunForFreedom for @justiceandcare to end slavery. Please donate via the link: https://t.co/NNRs8uUXrR #VMLM
I’ve never ‘wallowed’ in my grief. Would never want to. Every day is painful, sometimes very very painful, but every day I get up, get on and embrace life with the boy I love beyond measure. Enjoy the 🌞
@Jamesmc76437071 I’m not wallowing thank you. If I was I’d stay in bed every day. Never down that once. I have an 8 year old boy to look after who now only has me, so don’t preach to me about when I should go back to work.
To everyone running the @LondonMarathon today you’re all heroes. I wish my knee would let me run it again. Maybe next year. 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️
Caversham. Berkshire.
I apologise for this blatant Tweet but I’ve run out of options. Next month on what would have been Gemma’s birthday I’m having a party to remember her and scatter her ashes. Am trying to find a stretch tent like this but am running out of time and money. Can anyone help?
Good luck to everyone running the #LondonMarathon today. Especially all those running for @bloodwise_uk and @LeukaemiaCAREuk and my lovely friend @JuliaImmonen Run like the wind (not with wind) and drink loads. Like loads. 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️
Blink and you’ve missed it. #AmirKhan 🥊🥊
If I could find half of the bravery of that incredible girl on #BGT I’d be very proud. Amazing. #manchester
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