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"They are trying to take advantage of the pandemic" to ramp up wall construction. #CancelTheWall 

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A letter to Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman: Right does not matter to Donald Trump. But it matters to you. It matters to this country and to its people. It will always matter. And with those words, you have left an indelible mark on our nation’s conscience and history.

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President Trump and Tucker Carlson are clearly intimidated by strong female leaders like my friend @RepDuckworth . She has more honor and love for our country in her pinky finger than they’ll ever have.

Tulsa sees Covid-19 surge in the wake of Trump's June rally

1 in 13 Black people have lost their right to vote due to felony disenfranchisement, compared to 1 in 56 non-Black people. Pass it on.

At a coronavirus testing site in New Orleans, tests ran out 5 minutes after the doors opened. In Phoenix, people waited in their cars up to 8 hours to get tested. It’s outrageous that in July we still don’t have enough tests for everyone who needs it.

No one should look to Donald Trump or Betsy DeVos for public health advice – especially not the @CDCgov . Schools cannot safely reopen for students and teachers this fall if the @SenateGOP  keeps blocking the money schools and states need.

The United States' partnership with Mexico—which promotes economic growth, jobs, and prosperity for the American and Mexican people alike—was renewed and reaffirmed today at the White House! USMX 1600 Daily:

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This is insanity. Marquette University threatened to rescind student’s admission over pro-Trump TikTok video