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Navy combat veteran & retired NASA astronaut. Commanded final launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour. Co-founded @Resp_Solutions. Husband to @GabbyGiffords.

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Trump's press conference in #Helsinki was a train wreck. I worked with the Russians for 15 years. They're driven by a strong desire to appear to be in charge. Yesterday wasn’t just appearance. Every American is right to be alarmed.
The NRA's agenda has no place on the Supreme Court. Tell your senators you won’t stand for a justice that believes even the most commonsense gun reforms are unconstitutional. Text SAVE SCOTUS to 90975 and tell your senators to vote no on Kavanaugh.
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Excited to join my brother @StationCDRKelly in the Canadian Rockies for the #JasperDarkSky Festival, Oct. 12-21. Hope you can join us under the stars. https://t.co/m0TKCP5wnq @TourismJasper
As a kid I was separated from my mom at the Jersey Shore. It was such a traumatic event that despite it being a half century ago, I remember it like yesterday. I was 5 yrs old & lost for 15 minutes. As a dad, Trump’s policy is cruel and it is un-American. https://t.co/eLRSqNazOd
Gabby and I believe that civic service is a responsibility that falls on all citizens. At @PointsofLight, we spoke about what service means to us, and where we find optimism in today’s world.
This is a dumb idea. The Air Force does this already. That is their job. What’s next, we move submarines to the 7th branch and call it the “under-the-sea force?” https://t.co/S1urOuJBe6
Samantha Bee is the best. We should all thank members of the media, like @iamsambee, who make this country a better place. Thanks @92Y for making the conversation happen.
Happy birthday to the most inspiring and courageous person I know, my beautiful wife @GabbyGiffords.
This is inexcusable and irresponsible. School shootings aren't a game.
Today, we salute all the fallen patriots who made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of freedom. Our country is great thanks to their service. #MemorialDay
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