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Navy combat veteran & retired NASA astronaut. Commanded final launch of Space Shuttle Endeavour. Co-founded @Resp_Solutions. Husband to @GabbyGiffords.

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Really impressed by these student organizers at @unlv — they’re making sure everyone and their mother is registered to vote. The stakes couldn’t be higher this election.

Great to see @OurLivesOurVote in action with my friend, @NextGenClimate founder @TomSteyer. #VoteSaveLives
Remembering the lives we lost 17 years ago and the first responders who are still recovering. In the wake of tragedy, 9/11 reminded us that America can still come together in times of strife to embrace our shared ideals. #neverforget
John McCain pushed himself — and he pushed us all — to be better Americans. His humility and determination to do what's right will forever be a model of what makes America great.
Trump’s Space Force would cost billions of taxpayer dollars in redundant spending to satisfy an ego. My take on why it’s a dumb idea. https://t.co/vIdNMvGMbb
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“Our identities and sense of worth are not circumscribed but enlarged by serving good causes bigger than ourselves.”

Senator McCain, you give us reason to keep fighting even when you’re gone. Rest easy, sir. https://t.co/ysjnnKyLnq
Our nation’s veterans answer to a singular call: make this country a better, safer place.

I’m proud to stand with @GenMhayden to say that in the fight to save lives from gun violence, there is no other side. I hope you’ll join us: https://t.co/rEjFqrg8GM
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I have only encountered a few true heroes in my life, but Senator McCain was one of them. That he became a friend is one of the greatest privileges of my life. Thank you, John, for a lifetime of hard work for the people of Arizona and of this great nation. https://t.co/9Wnun7Ih0d
You can't speak of honor and integrity without mentioning Senator John McCain. Stay strong, John. We're with you.
Serving in Congress is important — but next time, @RepAndyBarr, don’t compare it to @AmyMcGrath97’s decision to defend our country for 20 years in the Marines. https://t.co/2AdLoGmfli
True patriots stand up for what's right, and Admiral William McRaven is one of America's finest. He’s right: in this moment America needs true leadership — something President Trump has no clue about. https://t.co/H0ec15wpOX
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