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The FBI has taken over the Pensacola investigation, according to an FBI spokeswoman.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi is having a steady stream of private conversations with her colleagues to get their input about whether they’re ready to impeach President Trump and what they think should be included in articles of impeachment. @mkraju 

Federal prosecutors have recently contacted Suriya Jayanti, a foreign service officer based in Kiev. Jayanti handles Naftogaz issues at the embassy and has communicated with the company's management.

!!!” The facts are uncontested. The president abused his power for his own personal political benefit.”

Exclusive: Pompeo had off-the-books meeting with Republican donors in London this week - CNNPolitics

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg put a temporary hold on House subpoenas requesting Trump’s financial documents from two banks. The order reflects that the court wants more time before deciding whether or not to block the House subpoenas.

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Mystery continues: CNN: Typically, Walter Reed's medical staff would get a general notice about a "VIP" visit to the medical center ahead of a presidential visit. That did not happen this time, indicating the visit was a non-routine visit and scheduled last minute.

Details from what FBI found inside Epstein’s $77 Million Manhattan mansion: Extraordinary volume of photographs of nude underage girls Hundreds perhaps thousands of sexually suggestive photographs of fully or partially nude females. Safe containing compact disks with labels

NEW: Federal judge in DC expresses disbelief that WH could control what former officials might talk about, when subpoenaed: “We don’t live in a world where your status as a former executive branch official somehow shields you or prevents you from giving information.”

Prosecutors just told the court that in the last 36 hours the office has been contacted by attorneys and people who said they were victims, none of whom the office has previously spoken with.

CNN: State Dept inspector general has requested an urgent Hill briefing with relevant committees tomorrow related to Ukraine. The email that went to staff suggested it was urgent. A Congressional aid described the State IG’s request as “highly unusual and cryptically worded.”

“I don’t care. I believe Putin” ANDREW MCCABE: Intelligence officials in the briefing responded that that was not consistent with any of the intelligence our government possesses to which the president replied, "I don't care. I believe Putin."

A source close to the WH: officials in the west wing were very worried there would not be enough people down on the mall for tonight. “Concern ran deep,” the source said. Source said they were praying for rain so they could have an excuse for any turnout issues. @Acosta