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  3. thank you, with all of my heart thank you!! i love you!!!! ❤️
Thank you, with all of my heart thank you!! I LOVE YOU!!!! ❤️


Allow me to introduce you to my amazing friend @petersaide, currently starring as Sheriff Green in Desperate Measures, now playing at @newworldstages. Dreamy and talented. Did I say he was amazing? https://t.co/zZ1awgq1Cv
1. Admit problem
2. Believe it can change
3. Decide to ask for help

This is the format for commencement of self change.
You don’t make them for yourself, you ask for help and accept help.
I hope I can surprise you all... but don’t get your hopes up 😂 I’ve been compared to a plank of wood in the past 😂😂😂
Family is at the core of your development and who you are depe... More for Gemini https://t.co/QtifQW4KZO
15 years ago TODAY in 2003, 50 Million People Lost Power in a blackout that hit the northeastern United States and part of Canada. Do you remember where you were? what you were doing?
@Evoryan3 A. I believe there are quite a few gay actors out there. This clearly isn't about employment opportunity, but representation.
B. Fuck off you racist spunktrumpet.
The air you're breathing is aging your skin—here's 7 ways to stop it. https://t.co/KPr3p3oneu
Life can seem like a walk through the desert when you become p... More for Virgo https://t.co/AuAtrNJwWm
Everything you need to know as the due date draws closer https://t.co/Qzl4P3VUqy
Did you know the new #Strictly contestant has been married twice?! https://t.co/nctkXerpo2
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