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  3. thank you, with all of my heart thank you!! i love you!!!! ❤️
Thank you, with all of my heart thank you!! I LOVE YOU!!!! ❤️


5 body washes so hydrating you won't even need lotion: https://t.co/mdNlW9Hj3v
Which color would you rock?? All hair courtesy of @DiamondDynastyV 😘use code BossChick10 https://t.co/6o5pqJbLSp
Selma Blair's newest haircut is the blond hair and blunt cut inspo you're going to want to throw into a saved folder on Instagram: https://t.co/BW169rgy7B
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Nothing is ever black and white in the Shadow World. Are you ready, for 3B? Expect the unexpected, angels. #shadowhunterslegacy @ShadowhuntersTV @DomSherwood1
The heartbreak while watching #TheNotebook is real, but at least you won’t have to go through it alone. Our @ENightlyPop hosts are going to be by your side through it all, tonight at 9pm.
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The cutest couple will be here tonight at the #iHeartPodcastAwards 💕 See you soon, @daxshepard1 &

T@IMKristenBellune in tonight at 8PM PT: https://t.co/ljbeICe6uw
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@SophiaBush hello lover, I need to know what juicer you use.
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