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  3. unreal unreal! thank you so so so much nyc ! i love u !! #z100jingleball thank you ❤️
UNREAL UNREAL! THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH NYC ! I love u !! #Z100JingleBall thank you ❤️


Thank you 🙏🏼
@dcfc ninth album 'Thank You For Today' comes out Friday 🎶 Get a LIVE early taste of the record plus an emotional cover song. #DeathCabForCutie

Click here to start streaming @siriusxmu & catch the session premiere at 9pm ET: https://t.co/tZizkQo85N
I thank God every time I hit it hoping you'll forgive me for the times I bullshitted.
Dear @JohnBrennan,

He isn’t 1/1,000,000th of the man and patriot that you are.

I thank you for all your incredible and ongoing service to our country.
It was the most wonderful & a heartwarming feeling to be part of the flag hoisting ceremony of at #IndependenceDay. Th@IndiainNewYorkank you San#CounselGeneraldeep Chakravorty & my fellow Indians. Singing our with yo#NationalAnthemu all was a blessing. Jai Hind.🙏😍🇮🇳
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Taking a little break from social media for the next 7 days. I’ve been working on a ton of new content to bring you all and I want to be fully focused on it. I hope you understand.
Much love

See y’all in a week 👽
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