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Classic. I misspell everything lol

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'Scrawny mother f*****s with the cool hair styles'- today's #WorldRecord from @wallowsmusic 'Scrawny' 👉🏼📲 LISTEN
Jeff Hart was a noted literary scholar who wrote speeches for Nixon and Reagan. But his greatest impact was on a whole generation of Dartmouth students whose lives he changed. His real legacy is us. RIP
“What makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well.”- The little prince, my mama’s favorite book and also one of mine 🌞
Calling the #Arianators! You want even more @ArianaGrande on the radio? Vote for yourselves to win the @tacobell #BestFanArmy award and you can become a 'Guest DJ' 🎙 #iHeartAwards
In light of the current situation the team of Total Dhamaal has decided to not release the film in Pakistan.
❤️ @BTS_twt playing the Award Box Challenge is still one of our favourite things ever! Happy Birthday J-Hope! 🎈
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Go read Trump’s last ten tweets and ask yourself this—are those the tweets of an innocent man who has nothing to hide?
. @latelateshow tomorrow with the lovely @imjmichaels, can’t wait ! Also can’t wait to see @JKCordena@benwinstonnd everyone at the show .
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