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Listen to me.

What police and @WaffleHouse did to this young woman, Chikesia Clemons, was a gross violation of her civil & human rights.

They threatened her, slammed her to the ground, choked her, and ripped her clothes off.

Don’t you dare go to Waffle House again.
Kanye just called Trump one of his favorite people in the world.
Kanye has decided that all of the harm Trump has caused to very real people - that it doesn’t really matter much - because he likes the man’s personality, his style.

This doesn’t make him “a free thinker” or a maverick.

It makes him an insensitive asshole.

BREAKING: After #StephonClark was murdered by Sacramento Police, it was discovered that DA Anne Marie Schubert took $13,000 from police.

After our investigation, we found that she has actually taken an astounding $420,000 from law enforcement.


SON: Mom, what's white privilege?
MOM: *Presses Play*

Watch as an angry white woman tells police to shut the fuck up, questions their intelligence repeatedly, waves hands in their faces, moves wherever she wants, defies their requests, and lives another day to tell the story.
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I'm going to be speaking on THIS SATURDAY @ Oakland Technical High School (Oak Tech) at 6pm on HOW TO MAKE CHANGE.

Tickets, of course, are free, but you must RSVP.

RSVP HERE: https://t.co/RyXICKM89S

Can't wait to see you all again!

Let's GO!
If you have not read my full piece on why Philadelphia's DA, Larry Krasner, is my hero, and a model for how we can change the justice system from the inside out all over this country, check it out now.

The man is a revolutionary.

Deeply grateful to my friends @NYjusticeleague for their tireless efforts fighting around the clock for Meek Mill.

Love you all.

If you aren't following @NYjusticeleague please do so now.
BREAKING: Meek Mill will be released on bail at 5pm after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ordered it moments ago.

He never should've been jailed in the first place.

So many people worked around the clock to make this happen.

(Yes, this is official)

Is the father of the Nashville shooter in police custody? Did he illegally give the weapons that his son used to slaughter people?

If he claims they were stolen by his son, did he report them as stolen?

All of this matters & would be asked if a Muslim man did the shooting.
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