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If you vote for a Nazi, and you know he’s a Nazi, but you vote for him because you like some other stuff he stands for...

You are either:

1. A Nazi.


2. A Nazi sympathizer.

No other options exist.

The same is true for Roy Moore voters. You knew damn well who he was.
After photos of Trump with many of the women he sexually assaulted emerged, the White House now backtracks and says that when Trump says he had never meant any of them, he just meant a few of them.

As Trump repeatedly attacks them, the number of journalists jailed and imprisoned around the world has just hit a record high.

This is a crisis.

650,000 people voted for Roy Moore.

He damn near won.

He said slavery was the last time America was great.

He said Muslims shouldn’t be allowed to serve in Congress.

He said homosexuality should be a crime.

He’s accused of being a child molester.

Tonight was a complete repudiation if Donald Trump.

He won Alabama by 28% last year.
Tonight Roy Moore lost by 2%.

A 30% flip in ONE YEAR is completely unheard of.

Even Trump’s lies today about never meeting the women who accused him of sexual assault dug his grave deeper.
This is important.

Mitch McConnell, who my late grandmother in Kentucky despised, just announced that he is going to refuse to seat Doug Jones for a month, until after Republicans vote again on the tax plan.

This is just plain wrong.https://t.co/JDjLfdFtWo
Thank you to the #MeToo Movement.

Your courage and bravery has so much to do with where we are right now. I have your back. Don’t let up!
Alabama’s Secretary is State (a Republican) just rejected this.

He said:

1. It’s not even close to a mandatory recount.

2. Absentee ballots have already been included in current totals.

3. Military votes won’t make up the difference.https://t.co/YB2RTZBZ7Q
I kid you not.

Judge Roy Moore is not going to concede and is calling for a recount.

He’s now down by 20,000 votes which is 1.5%. That is not within the margins for a recount.
I’ve counted at least 25 times where Steve Bannon said in speeches that “This election is a referendum on Donald Trump. A vote for Roy Moore is a vote for or against Donald Trump.”

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