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In a few hours you have to show up to VOTE VOTE VOTE for @AndrewGillum!

You can do this! These elections are going to be won & lost in early voting!

Let’s GO!!
Listen. In just a few minutes, the whole nation is going to get to see why Andrew Gillum is the right leader for Florida and one of the rising stars of our country.

Tune in shortly on CNN.https://t.co/Wnx5bGn3JS
Georgia is throwing out absentee ballots when the signature on the ballot doesn’t look just like the signature on the voter registration record.

This is bogus.

My signature changes all the time.

Don’t be like these white women.


And vote for good, progressive candidates who actually care about you while you’re at it. Like @staceyabrams & & @BetoORourke& & &@BenJealous

Comm@AndrewGillumit to v@TheOtherMandelaote her@CatsCommentarye --> https://t.co/tNuaZD4RUm
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For 3 weeks Saudi Arabia said Jamal Khashoggi left their consultant safe and sound.

They said they had no idea where he was.

They denied all wrongdoing to every leader in the world as late as yesterday.

Now they say they accidentally killed him in a fistfight.

Police departments have conned the American public into thinking that Tasers are non-lethal weapons.

They aren't.

They send 50,000 volts of electricity into the human body - regularly stopping hearts and lungs and vital organs.

Must be regulated.

My Latest.

Tasers are the new billy club, but worse.

American police have used them to electrocute over 1,000 people to death, most of them unarmed, in this generation alone.

Now they murdered my @Morehouse brother #ChineduOkobi with them.

This is another form of white supremacy. That these sorry ass white men are in the middle of Africa shooting at a FAMILY of elephants is nothing but colonial bullshit.

I wish they had been stomped by the herd. Shame on these colonizers. Shame. Shame. Shame.https://t.co/KqobJNZwBr
Rihanna refuses to perform at the Super Bowl in solidarity with Colin Kaepernick.

This is what solidarity looks like.

Thank you @rihanna.

When Saudi Arabia and the United States bombed a school bus in Yemen this summer, and 40 innocent children were blown to bits, that should’ve been the moment of reckoning.

This alliance has been gross, and deadly, for a very long time.

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