Sharyl Attkisson?️‍♂

I don't think "everyone else is stupid," I just wonder about you. Your "every comment" remark is provably false. And you miss a bigger point: as it happens, some comments you apparently criticize are actually accurate-- then and now.

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I support peaceful protesters he said. 5 minutes later, tear gas rained. All for a photo op.

#BREAKING: Judge rules there is enough evidence to try 3 suspects on murder charges in fatal shooting of Ahmaud Arbery. (via @AP )

JUST IN: Head of North Central University announces the establishment of a George Floyd Memorial Scholarship. "I am now challenging every university president in the United States of America to establish your own George Floyd Memorial Scholarship Fund."

NEW TODAY: Former Marine commandant Gen. Robert Neller has penned an open letter to Americans on nationwide protests, saying that “the time for being silent has passed.” "We are better than this. Stand up for what is right," Neller wrote.

Rev. Al Sharpton: “There is a difference between those calling for peace and those calling for quiet. Some of y'all don’t want peace, you just want quiet. You just want us to shut up and suffer in silence.”

This is already said by @YourAnonCentral  but we'll reiterate, stop sending nudes or we'll close our DMs as well

Make no mistake how beloved and revered General James Mattis is in this country. He is a universal cult figure who has far surpassed just military circles. There’s nothing and no one who can tarnish his credibility. I would follow him, his expertise and his leadership into hell.

Opinion | The retired generals are defending America from our greatest threat: The president

I understand why there's a lot of "whatever happened to Covid" jokes, but as we've been saying night after night: it never left.