There. I went through the newest, released Epstein court documents so you don't have to. (But you can if you want... I include the links.) New photos and info #WithoutTheSpin 

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Thousands of union workers at a plant being built outside Pittsburgh were given the choice of attending a speech by President Trump on Tuesday or staying away — and losing some of their pay for the week

We just identified a number of armed suspects from Gaza approaching the security fence with Israel. We fired towards them.

Federal Election Commissioner Ellen Weintraub tells @maddow  how Republican members of the agency blocked investigation into whether Russian nationals funneled donations to the NRA into Trump’s presidential campaign.

At the Guardian we deplore the outrageous attack on Owen Jones that took place late last night. Violent assaults on journalists or activists have no place in a democratic society

This is the moment Indigenous protesters in Brazil stormed a government office to take a stand against the policies of far-right President Jair Bolsonaro

In our series finale of #AmericanSwamp  @RepKenBuck  ties our first episode about how money corrupts politics to our episode about why Congress doesn’t act. It all comes down to money. Listen to his honest assessment here and watch TOMORROW 9pm @MSNBC 

Alaska has been in the throes of an unprecedented heat wave this summer, and the heat stress is killing salmon in large numbers

Police seize multiple weapons from groups in Portland protests

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Kashmir's key political leaders arrested by India since August 5