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Shannon Bream

Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act. -Bonhoeffer

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BOTTOM LINE: both #SCOTUS  decisions 7-2. 1st - Presidents are not absolutely immune from criminal subpoena. 2nd - Congressional subpoenas can be legit against a president - but lower courts did not do full enough consideration. Sends cases back down.

#SCOTUS BREAKDOWN: 2 different decisions this morning dealing with President Trump’s Tax records. Supreme Court ruled 7-2 in both. Coverage all day on @FoxNews !

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Oh my hecks, I love this sweetie so much. WE HAVE ALL BEEN YOU AT SOME POINT IN THE LAST 3+ MONTHS.

A timely release, @davidjeremiah  says his new book “Shelter in God” is all about providing hope and encouragement in troubling times. Listen now - #LivinTheBream  podcast!

More details at 11p @FoxNews  @FoxNewsNight  with our legal eagles - and more from the White House.

BREAKING: Warrant reportedly served on St. Louis couple who stood outside their home with weapons as protesters approached. We're told weapon(s) seized. We've got the warrant and pictures for you at 11p - PLUS, Missouri@MoAGOPress  joins us LIVE @foxnewsg @foxnewsnightht'>N @FoxNewsg @foxnewsnightht

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If you're still catching your breath from today, I'm told next week will involve "a bombshell". I'm standing by ...

BREAKING: This is quite a read. Woman who claimed Justice Kavanaugh raped her now admits they’ve never even met. She’s been referred to DOJ/FBI for investigation and could soon be in serious legal trouble.

Need your help Twitterverse - trying to help a young boy who is dying. He probably has just days and all he want is a greeting from one of the Avengers. If you have a celeb connection, please let me know. Otherwise, could you help out with a RT? Thank you in advance!

Committee source says they’ve contacted five people alleged to be at party. 4 deny any knowledge of the party and allegations. 5th person - Dr. Ford - is the only one who has not provided them a statement. #Kavanaugh 

BREAKING: Fox’s obtains letter from Ford ex-boyfriend alleging: dated for 6 yrs, never told of sex assault, Ford coached friend on taking polygraph, flew frequently w/o expressing any fear of flying/tight spaces/limited exits. Doesn’t want to b/c “involved”.

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Per Catherine Herridge: IC Inspector General told lawmakers the whistleblower did not disclose contact w Schiff/Committee staff - so IG never looked into it. IG “had no knowledge of it”.