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Mayor Bill de Blasio will be on Meet the Press tomorrow.

The could have followed his scheduled New Hampshire trip.

Instead, it will follow the collapse of the Amazon deal.
Inbox: Gavin Newsom endorses Kamala Harris
“Feelings are somewhat raw right now,” said Senator Diane Savino.

Will the Amazon debacle drive Democrats closer together against Cuomo? Or drive a wedge between them?

A choice with potential huge policy consequences for New York, via @vwang3 :
Cuomo's decision to personally attack Gianaris and Kaminsky has NOT played well in Senate, in interviews with multiple senators.

"To blame Todd Kaminsky is laughable at best, " one said.
Last weekend, the six senators from LI had a conference call with Stewart-Cousins to voice their concerns about political fallout if the deal fell through.
Hours after Amazon implosion, NY Senate Ds convened what some called an "emergency" call.

Post IDC, Stewart-Cousins had asked them not to form factions.

Cuomo preps to exploit any divisions, as some in "Long Island Six" seek him out.

Story w/ @vwang3:
The economic impact of Amazon's withdrawing is real (H/t @joshgreenman)
Inside the Amazon debacle: The @jdavidgoodman @KYWeise tick-tock you were waiting for
This is interesting. Competing with The Athletic?

The Most Relevant

Confirmed: @Ocasio2018 wins a spot on the high-profile House Oversight committee, giving her a potentially huge platform to interrogate Trump administration officials in next two years.
"The time for trivial fights is over" --Donald J. Trump, less than 100 hours ago
NEWS: Andrew Cuomo just announced that he's granting all parolees in New York the right to vote by executive order.
This is what actress Amber Tamblyn posted today on Instgram
The state of our campaign finance system is such that a president can legally appear at a $100,000 per person event being held at a hotel he owns
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, currently without an income, needs to wait until her congressional salary kicks in to get a DC apartment.

"I’ve really been just kind of squirreling away and then hoping that gets me to January,” she tells .
So Paul Ryan flew across the country to secure a $30 million check from Sheldon Adelson but then stepped out of the room for a couple minutes to avoid technically soliciting the money? Via
A single secret donor gave the Paul Ryan-aligned group $24.6 million last year as Congress rewrote the tax code.

Did this person benefit in any way in the rewrite? There is no way to know.

Good scoop:
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