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My mom is the strongest woman I know and my biggest inspiration. During women’s history month, I got a chance to sit down and chat with her about how she finds the strength to live out her motto: never give up. #MothersDay 

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The biggest threat to American democracy isn’t Vladimir Putin or China. It’s Republicans in legislatures across the country who are determined to restrict the right to vote.

News that Trump’s Justice Department’s targeted @RepAdamSchiff  & @RepSwalwell  marks a breaking point: We can’t just move on from Trump, much as we’d like to. We need to root out his corruption. There’s no escape from holding Trump accountable. My column

Health Minister Harsh Vardhan slams NYT over its article related to India's Covid deaths. #ITVideo 

Boris Johnson says ‘everybody should cheer for England’ - but refuses to say he’d take the knee himself

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PM’s #G7  press conference deeply disappointing: - “vaccinating the world” sounds good but we need more vaccines to be sent *now* - poorer countries can’t wait til next year - “building back better” is fine slogan but no new climate finance from PM We need action not warm words

#G7Summit  #G7Summit20212  #G7021  🌐G7 leaders to call for ‘transparent' study i #Covid19nto  origins. Leaders call for a “timely, transparent, expert-led and science-based WHO-convened Phase 2 Covid-19 Origins study,” according to Reuters. 🔴FOLLOW LIVE

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NEWS: On ransomware, Biden and G7 leaders don't weigh in on payment of ransoms. But they call on Russia to "stop its destabilising behaviour," investigate and "credibly explain" use of chemical weapon, and hold to account those within its borders who conduct ransomware attacks.

50 years ago today, the NYT began publishing the Pentagon Papers, which my childhood hero and current friend, @DanielEllsberg  , risked his liberty to provide because they showed a decade of lying by the US Govt to its own citizenry about the Vietnam War:

US mass shootings: Total reaches 267 so far this year - CNN