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Sen. Patrick Leahy
congratulations to arturo muracil for winning the 2019 goldman environmental prize instead of trying to silenc
Congratulations to Arturo Muracil for winning the 2019 Goldman Environmental Prize. Instead of trying to silence him, the Chilean government should ensure that the rights of the Mapuche, and Chile's natural resources, are protected. See Congr. Record:

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CNN Politics
president trump s comments on accepting foreign dirt on opponents are dead wrong joe biden says
President Trump's comments on accepting foreign dirt on opponents are "dead wrong," Joe Biden says
fw exclusive episode iv of inside the story with the national security team leader discusses the trump adminis
FW EXCLUSIVE: Episode IV of "Inside the Story with The @WashTimes"

National Security Team Leader @guytaylor discusses the Trump administration's approach to #Iran and #China and what it could mean for our country!

Bernie Sanders
seven years ago president obama announced the daca program i am inspired by dreamers and the movement they bui
Seven years ago President Obama announced the DACA program. I am inspired by Dreamers and the movement they built for immigration justice.

This is a promise: As president, I will provide immediate legal status for Dreamers.
Kamala Harris
too many americans have to work two or three jobs to cover their student loans pay their rent and keep food on
Too many Americans have to work two or three jobs to cover their student loans, pay their rent, and keep food on the table. My LIFT Act would raise incomes for working and middle-class families by up to $500/mo.
Jeanine Pirro
george papadopoulos joins justice to discuss the russia investigation
Peter Baker
officials at the national security council said they had no national security concerns about the details of th
"Officials at the National Security Council … said they had no national security concerns about the details of The New York Times’s reporting about the targeting of the Russian grid.” @SangerNYT @nicoleperlroth
Jeanine Pirro
joined me on justice with more reaction to my opening statement senator graham s commentsthe developing situa
.@GOPLeader joined me on 'Justice' with more reaction to my opening statement, Senator Graham's comments,the developing situation with Iran, and much more. Take a look:
Jeanine Pirro
lindseygrahamsc reacts to the opening statement and the latest regarding iran
.@LindseyGrahamSC reacts to the Opening Statement and the latest regarding Iran.
Jeanine Pirro
scaramucci comments on the search for sarah sanders replacement
.@Scaramucci comments on the search for Sarah Sanders replacement:
Nate Silver
re rasmussen worth noting that founder scott rasmussen was ousted from rasmussen reports several years ago in
re: Rasmussen: worth noting that founder Scott Rasmussen was ousted from Rasmussen Reports several years ago (in 2013). While their polls have always had a GOP lean, Scott was a good guy who cared about polling accuracy. The guy who took over (Ted Carroll) is…a…different story.
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