Sen. Patrick Leahy

Sen. Patrick Leahy

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Leahy, Schumer, Durbin, Duckworth, And Other Senators Who Have Been Leading The Push For Full Restoration Of Federal Funding For The National Guard’s COVID Mission, Hail Biden’s Executive Action

‘Dear Colleague’ Letter Of Senator Patrick Leahy, On His Role In Presiding Over The Impeachment Trial

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Leahy Leads Senators In Call For Equitable Access To Vaccines And Testing For Small And Rural States To Combat The COVID-19 Pandemic

The trial of Paul Rusesabagina begins soon. 37 members of Congress have called for his release due to flaws of due process. The Rwandan Govt should consider the impact of this case on its reputation and foreign relations.

The independence of Guatemala’s Constitutional Court is under assault. The outcome will determine whether the rule of law – and democracy itself – can survive in Guatemala. US Ambassador Popp, and the Guatemalan people for whom so much is at stake, have our full support.

I’ll be on with @PoppyHarlowCNN  at 9:30 to discuss the #COVID  relief bill and other topics. #Appropriations 

Proud to join @MiroBTV  to announce we have secured $14.5m for a major infrastructure project to expand the terminal at the @BTVAirport . Thanks to the Mayor & his team’s leadership for bringing this project forward. #BTV 

By consolidating security screening areas, this investment will make the experience even better for #VT  travelers. The terminal expansion will ensure @BTVAirport  can adapt to the size of the planes that airlines fly as the industry evolves.


I KNOW I shouldn't have retweeted this. A moment of weakness...

I keep demanding Kavanaugh’s FULL record because it will reveal if he lied to me under oath in 2006—whether he is fit to serve on our highest court. We’ve seen just 6%; only 3% is public. The hiding of his record is a sham & a fraud against the American people. #WhatAreTheyHiding 

Chairman Graham just broke FOUR committee rules in order to advance Pres. Trump’s bill to lock up immigrant children INDEFINITELY. Rules every Republican voted for 6 months ago. Rules I always respected as chairman. They might as well rip them up. So I did it for them.

Just to make sure it’s not lost: The President wants to slow down mail delivery, such as prescription drugs for seniors and veterans, in order to make sure people can’t vote in November.

Untruthful testimony, under oath and on the record.

Judge Kavanaugh’s stunning decision to pen an op-ed bluntly confirms he has neither the judgment nor the temperament to be on our highest court. He can’t erase blaming credible sexual assault allegations ‘on the Clintons,’ attacks on senators, and vows of revenge with an op-ed.

THREAD: Between 2001 and 2003, Republican Senate staffers hacked into and stole 4,670 files on controversial Bush judicial nominees from 6 Democrats, including me. This scandal amounted to a digital Watergate, not unlike Russia’s hacking of the DNC.