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WATCH: @SenSchumer , @NancyPelosi , Members of Congress, and @CapitolPolicettend  the departure ceremony from the U.S. Capitol honoring Officer William “Billy” Evans. May his memory be a blessing.

To all the Sikhs & Punjabis across America & around the world a happy Vaisakhi! Vaisakhi is a time to celebrate renewed faith, a new year and coming together as neighbors. Vaisakhi diyan lakh lakh vadhaiyan!

What a “coincidence” Republicans are launching bitter attacks on well-qualified DOJ nominees @KristenClarkeJD  & @vanitaguptaCR —who will enforce voting rights At the same time Republicans across the country are pushing voter suppression efforts. @SenWhitehouse  breaks it down:

WATCH: @SenSherrodBrown  and more read Dr. Martin Luther King's Letter from Birmingham Jail on the floor of the Senate. We must build upon the legacy of Dr. King, seize the moment we are in, and fight the onslaught of attacks on voting rights nationwide.

Amid Republican voter suppression efforts in Georgia and nationwide, @SenOssoff  asks Assistant AG Nominee @KristenClarkeJD , who would lead the DOJ @CivilRights  division, about her authority to ensure that “abusive election laws do not restrict access to the ballot.”

“We now need an all hands on deck approach to combat anti-Asian bias, prejudice, discrimination, hate crimes, and violence.” @SenatorCardin  explains why we need to pass the COVID–19 Hate Crimes Act without delay. #StopAsianHate 

“We must stand in solidarity with the AAPI community and we must act against these heinous crimes.” —Senator @MarkWarner  explains why it’s time to pass legislation to #StopAsianHate .


"Will there be a hearing on the health care proposal?" Senator asked today in the Finance Cmte. You should watch: #Trumpcare 

Early this morning, tried to pass a bill to guarantee military pay and death benefits in the . #trumpshutdowncan  leader mitch mcconnell'>Republ #TrumpShutdowncan  Leader Mitch McConnell: I object. WATCH:

2016 Sen. McConnell: There will not be hearings or votes. 2017 Sen. McConnell: Treat our nominees the same as Obama's

“when you start using your office and you are acting in a way that hurts people, you have committed a high crime.” —Then-impeachment Manager Lindsey Graham, 1999.

Why Did Speaker Ryan delete this tweet? Maybe because the GOP wants you to thank them for $1.50 per week but corporations like AT&T got $3,000,000,000.00. #GOPTaxScam 

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.' refusal to make payments is driving uncertainty in healthcare markets, raising rates. It's the . #TrumpPremiumTax 

If you watch one thing tonight, let it be this — @maziehirono  gives a powerful, impassioned speech. Beyond words.

If we don't save net neutrality, you'll get the internet one word at a time. #savethenet  #savetheinternet  #netneutrality  #onemorevote