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Senate Democrats

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“We’re not going to wait.” @SenBobCasey  @senatemajldr  McConnell must bring HR8 to the floor and pass universal background checks that will help protect Americans from the gun violence epidemic. #EndGunViolence 

“Madam president, I am speaking to you and to every other Republican in this chamber because we all have a responsibility to do the right thing and stand up to the NRA” @gillibrandny  calls for Senate action to #EndGunVIolence 

“Americans are tired of having their voices drowned out by the N.R.A. They're tired of a Congress that fears N.R.A. attack ads more than the next mass shooting.” — @SenatorMenendez 

@SenSherrodBrown : “We should hear that shout, to do something.” HR8 has been stuck in @senatemajldr  McConnell’s legislative graveyard for 202 days. It’s beyond time to do something and finally pass universal background checks. #EndGunViolence 

WATCH: @SenWhitehouse  lays out how dark money is stopping efforts to #EndGunViolence 

“The Democrats are out here on the floor saying why don't we figure out what we can do to make people safer and on the other side of the chamber is exactly no one.” @SenBrianSchatz  #EndGunViolence 


Early this morning, tried to pass a bill to guarantee military pay and death benefits in the . #TrumpShutdowncan  Leader Mitch McConnell'>Republ #TrumpShutdowncan  Leader Mitch McConnell: I object. WATCH:

"Will there be a hearing on the health care proposal?" Senator asked today in the Finance Cmte. You should watch: #Trumpcare 

2016 Sen. McConnell: There will not be hearings or votes. 2017 Sen. McConnell: Treat our nominees the same as Obama's

Why Did Speaker Ryan delete this tweet? Maybe because the GOP wants you to thank them for $1.50 per week but corporations like AT&T got $3,000,000,000.00. #GOPTaxScam 

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.' refusal to make payments is driving uncertainty in healthcare markets, raising rates. It's the . #TrumpPremiumTax 

If you watch one thing tonight, let it be this — @maziehirono  gives a powerful, impassioned speech. Beyond words.