Real Corporate Profits Tax

My Real Corporate Profits Tax would ensure that giant corporations can't report billions in profits to shareholders but then pay zero in taxes. Let's fund the reconciliation package by making them pay their fair share.

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Real Corporate Profits Tax

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Did Biden’s attorney general imply that Dr. Fauci is being investigated for lying to Congress?  Watch the video where Garland says he “won’t comment on any investigations."

Virginia!! I need you to get out and vote for our incredible candidate for governor, and my friend @TerryMcAuliffe . The stakes are too high for you to sit on the sidelines—VOTE!!

Sen. Sanders: “The problem is not with the President, the problem is with members here who, although they are very few in number, they are a significant minority, think that they have a right to determine what the rest of the Congress should be doing,” per @JessicaDeanC @alizaslavBS3

Democrats need to face the consequences of their disastrous policies. That’s why I introduced the Stop the SURGE Act. If tens of thousands of illegal aliens were to arrive in Democrat communities and at their cocktail parties, maybe that would get Joe Biden to enforce the law?

Niki Savva: "Yet here they are in a fragile coalition crumbling internally, under pressure externally, studiously avoiding appearing together, advocating for a target neither really, truly believes in to be reached by recycled amorphous somethings"

Me: "Iraq was a disaster. Are you willing to say tonight it was a disaster, you were wrong, you regret it, you apologize?" Joe Lieberman: "Sorry to disappoint you. I'm not." Watch my full exchange with ex-Sen. Lieberman on his support for the Iraq war:

Anyone who engages in violence or threats of violence is stepping over the line of protected speech. Whether you are storming the Capitol or threatening members of your local school board with violence, it does not matter. Free speech does not include the incitement of violence.

The Women's Congressional Softball game is one of my all-time favorite traditions, and it also benefits a cause close to my heart: supporting young breast cancer survivors. I am honored to be emceeing tonight's game, and to get in the spirit, here’s a throwback!

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what a mess of a negotiation never seen anything like it