A new report from my office shows we miss out on trillions in revenue by allowing the richest of the rich to avoid paying their fair share in taxes. But there’s good news: Congress can fix our broken tax system in the reconciliation bill.

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The cause of this is simple: Joe Biden and Kamala Harris refuse to enforce the law. #BidenBorderCrisis 

Food critic eats and reviews takeaway kebab outside ‘ludicrous’ Salt Bae restaurant

See Table 1 for a good summary of the effectiveness of natural immunity. It’s been more than a month since I wrote federal health agencies, why does the Biden Administration continue to ignore natural immunity?

Shirley Ballas books doctor’s appointment after concerned Strictly Come Dancing viewers spot ‘lumps’ in her armpit

We are living with exactly what Democrats want. They want higher gas prices. They want open borders. They want massive spending. They want to make people dependent on government.

🚸 In order for working parents to get back to work, they need quality, affordable child care just as much as they need roads and bridges.

@DrLeoStrauss  @UnderSecStatePI  thought the piece shows the completely pathological neurasthenia of a Russian foreign policy that sees even relations with the US through the prism or indeed the prison bars of its Ukrainian debacle. One has to be obsessed to turn everything into Ukraine. Or worried.

Letters: We need action to protect MPs from abuse – online or offline

Public Safety Minister Bill Blair talks with CBC chief political correspondent Rosemary Barton about the Canada-U.S. border opening to fully vaccinated travellers starting Nov. 8 and some of the restrictions in place. @RosieBarton 

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