Elizabeth Warren

COVID-19 threatens the financial lives of millions of student loans borrowers – especially people with private loans. @SenSherrodBrown  & I are urging student loan companies to provide relief to borrowers similar to the govt's actions on federal loans.

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I don’t pretend to understand what it’s like to run a news org. But most of tonight’s coverage — across most stations — is focused on violence. Yet thousands in each city are marching peacefully for #GeorgeFloyd . Why not interview the peaceful protestors? They should be heard.

During #MannKiBaat  and on other platforms as well as occasions, India has repeatedly expressed gratitude to those at the forefront of battling COVID-19. #MannKiBaat 

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It is easy to look strong and competent on a reality TV show. Reality is harder. We are feeling the absence of strong, competent leadership right now, when we desperately need it.

COVID-19 is very much there and we cannot be complacent. Keep fighting. Wear masks. Wash hands. Take all other precautions. Every life is precious. #MannKiBaat