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American taxpayers should not have to subsidize the abuse and exploitation of immigrants in private detention centers. @DHSgov has a legal and moral obligation to ensure that all people in their custody are treated with dignity and respect. https://t.co/ioT5U4rYq7
Over the last year, corporate profits have soared while average wages for Americans haven’t budged. It’s been the same sad story for decades. Today I’m introducing a new bill to help return to the time when American companies & workers did well together: https://t.co/9isNoIyzoW
The US has been assisting Saudi Arabia's military strikes in Yemen for 3 years. Thousands of civilians have died. The American people deserve to know the full scope of our operations in Yemen so we can hold our partners – and ourselves – accountable. https://t.co/uhi4WKLD2H
#WhatsAtStake in the fight for the Supreme Court? If Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed, he could be the deciding vote to uphold @realDonaldTrump’s cruel and reckless immigration policies. #ImmigrantsAtStake
The Trump Admin has decided that banks aren't part of the “financial services” industry, & that they should get an additional $2.5 billion in tax giveaways under the . Th#GOPTaxScamere’s no limit to what wil@realDonaldTrumpl do to reward his rich buddies. https://t.co/PpmW6cXSpA
I helped set up a special office at the @CFPB to protect servicemembers, who are often targets of scams. Now @MickMulvaneyOMB is siding with predatory lenders over our military. It’s a shameful disservice to people who put their lives on the line for us. https://t.co/uMIpdHiV2w
I met with local officials and first responders yesterday from Webster & Dudley to thank them for their work, and to talk about how we can get these towns back up and running after last week's tornado. Massachusetts is strong – and we’ll get through this by working together.
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Mae was born with a serious lung disease that required a long hospitalization and a double transplant. Now, she and her family are working to protect Medicaid so kids like her have access to affordable care. I'm so proud to be in this fight with you, Mae. https://t.co/aeAFZKG8Bs
After I aske @CommerceGovd about their decision to grant tariff exemptions worth millions to a sanctioned Russian company, they suddenly reversed it. Begging the question – @realDonaldTrumpis trying to help the US aluminum industry, or his pal Puthttps://t.co/5BqKu7siPhin?
My office found that Rusal America Corp – a subsidiary of a sanctioned company controlled by a Russian oligarch & Putin ally – got an exemption from ’s a@realDonaldTrumpluminum tariffs days after he met with Putin in Helsinki. I asked the Trump Admin why. https://t.co/l5Y8hTWlCp
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