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A deal's a deal. After the @RedSox #BeatLA, @SenFeinstein and @SenKamalaHarris were good sports and settled their World Series wager with @SenMarkey and me.

Congratulations to the Red Sox players, manager Alex Cora, and the entire organization on a historic season! #DamageDone
It looks like Betsy DeVos will do almost anything to protect her for-profit college pals. That includes ignoring federal rules requiring her to forgive the loans of students who attended failed #4profits.

Follow the law & protect students, .@BetsyDeVosEDhttps://t.co/4PVCtOh84T
Americans know Washington isn’t working for them. But instead of giving up, more and more people are demanding a government that is run by the people, for the people – and my plan to #EndCorruptionNow would do just that. https://t.co/b47OCAhHjy
The wealthy and well-connected want to keep Americans divided and stop us from fighting back against a rigged system. But change is coming to Washington, and we’re going to put the power back where it belongs – in the hands of the people.
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My heart goes out to everyone affected by the deadly California wildfires, especially those who have lost loved ones. Grateful to the many brave firefighters & first responders who are putting their lives on the line to keep others safe, today and every day. America is with you.
All 3 of my older brothers served in the military. This #VeteransDay, I’m grateful for the service of our veterans and their families, and I'll keep working with my colleagues in both parties to put them first.
Yemen is in crisis – and we can no longer look the other way. Cutting off US refueling support is a start, but it’s too little, too late. We cannot continue selling the Saudis weapons that kill Yemeni civilians. We cannot continue to support this warhttps://t.co/N9PmkB2LJb.
For over 3 years, the US has helped the Saudi-led coalition bomb Yemen with few constraints. Thousands of civilians died in airstrikes. When I asked the Pentagon if it tracked the Saudi aircraft we refueled and the targets struck, they said they didn’t. https://t.co/uhi4WKLD2H
Wall Street fat cat @SecretaryRoss had huge financial interests in Chevron, Boeing & Greenbrier but met with their CEOs anyway – potentially violating conflict of interest laws. My bill to wou#EndCorruptionNowld prohibit these financial conflicts. https://t.co/jWdFVv7BXa
This week, @realDonaldTrump took his latest dangerous step in violating the #IranDeal, which has successfully blocked Iran’s path to a nuclear bomb since 2015. Unilateral withdrawal from this agreement isolates us from our allies and makes us less safe. https://t.co/lNTzAQdXlU
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