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I love when the USW comes to the Capitol. They’re loud, they’re strong, and they won’t back down from the fight. Corporate interests have captured a Supreme Court seat and continue to haunt the halls of Congress, but I stand with @steelworkers and unions all the way!
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Over 700 children have been separated from their parents thanks to a new, cruel Trump Admin policy. Today, @SenateDems are calling on @realDonaldTrump & to @DHSgovstop their attacks on asylum-seeking families. #KeepFamiliesTogetherhttps://t.co/kLTpKkIKH9https://t.co/BXepEHzxaH
Yesterday, I met with @AMarch4OurLives leaders @Alfonso_Cal, @davidhogg111, and @charlie_mirsky. Congress still hasn’t found the courage to act on gun violence – but these students continue to bravely lead the fight. I’m proud to stand with them.
We should be expanding – not limiting – women’s access to reproductive health care. Instead, the GOP is attacking services that prevent unplanned pregnancies, women's access to STI & cancer screenings, & their right to make their own reproductive choices. https://t.co/oJo8ewgKvY
In a decision written by Justice Gorsuch, the Supreme Court has ruled that corporations can block workers from suing together over major violations of their rights, like sexual harassment, discrimination, & wage theft. Congress should act to reverse this terrible decision.https://t.co/k6742lLlhV
The #BankLobbyistAct rolls back the rules on big banks & increases the risk of another taxpayer bailout. It could pass the House tomorrow. This is our last chance to stop this bill from becoming law. Washington has heard enough from the lobbyists – it's time they hear from you.
I graduated from a commuter college like @Quinsig. Even as the rich and powerful tighten their hold on our democratic institutions – democracy is changing. And I’m hopeful because the Class of 2018 and young people everywhere are leading the change.
Today I told the graduates of @lesley_u: There will be plenty of people in your life who will try to shut you up, but people who shut up seldom make a difference. #persist https://t.co/3WSeLyD7gX
My heart breaks for the students and faculty of Santa Fe High School, and the families of those who lost their lives today. One young person lost to gun violence is one too many. This cannot continue. #EnoughIsEnough
We're going to keep fighting back agains @realDonaldTrumpt @VP , Pence, and right-wing politicians who want to regulate women's bodies and shut down Planned Parenthood. Women's reproductive health care is health care. Peri #StandwithPPohttps://t.co/kmLaPxRi4Id.
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