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My heart goes out to everyone at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. No student should have to fear going to school. No parent should have to hear their child won’t be coming home. And tragedies like this should never happen. https://t.co/xJ5NA6eLNw
The big banks & payday lenders that funded ’s c@MickMulvaneyOMBampaigns are doing cartwheels over ’s n@CFPBew strategic plan. Mulvaney wants the agency to stand up for big banks and scammers instead of holding them accountable when they cheat consumers. https://t.co/GUnk4OXm9Z
America’s infrastructure is broken. But instead of making real investments to fix it, @realDonaldTrump wants to pass the burden on to local governments & let private companies make up the difference. Americans want safer roads & bridges – not higher tolls. https://t.co/7CsBbZbQpq
My investigation revealed the depth of the breach and cover-up a @Equifaxt . And since I published the report, Equifax has confirmed it is even worse than they told uhttps://t.co/6bGvZWqlQIs.
In October, when I asked the CEO about the precise extent of the breach, he couldn’t give me a straight answer. So for five months, I investigated it myselfhttps://t.co/DvmI26hm1z.
Equifax must clarify its confusing and incomplete story of th #EquifaxBreache . We've got to keep the heat @Equifaxon & we need better laws to hold credit reporting agencies accountable: https://t.co/0mZ1ZHqiHG
When hackers accessed the sensitive data of 145 million Americans, @Equifax let weeks go by before notifying the millions at risk. And that was just the beginning of the nightmare. https://t.co/uuMAMbyfHL
Marvin Goodfriend doesn’t support government-backed mortgages – which have made home ownership possible for millions of Americans. His views range from wacky to dangerous & the Senate should reject his nomination. https://t.co/b4vgEojVmf
Every Republican on the Banking Committee supports Marvin Goodfriend’s nomination to join the Federal Reserve. This is the guy who wants to slap a magnetic tracking strip on dollar bills and make you pay a tax if you keep cash for too long. Seriously. https://t.co/4ErMg0UB3B
Last year, I called out shady mortgage lenders who exploit veterans for profit, and the federal agencies in charge created a task force to address the issue. Now those lenders have been put on notice: Cut it out, or you’ll be cut off. https://t.co/DMGJWY74MN
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