Joe Biden / Russia / America / Europe / Russian

The Biden-Putin #NordStream2  pipeline is a multi-billion dollar gift from Joe Biden that strengthens Russia, endangers America, and it makes Europe subject to Russian energy blackmail.

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Joe Biden / Russia / America / Europe / Russian

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A heat pump in a poorly insulated home just won't work. It’s like buying a teapot with cracks in it: leaky, inefficient and a waste of money. We need joined-up action on climate change & a *comprehensive*, well-funded home insulation scheme - not token gestures

Installing a heat pump without first insulating a home is like buying a teapot with cracks in it The Government's new strategy isn't just under-funded, it's half-baked. We urgently need a nationwide insulation plan to cut emissions, create warmer homes & create jobs @BBCNews 

"Green is good, green is right, green works" PM Boris Johnson says "the market is going green" and that one day we'll be able to bring down the prices of green tech like heat pumps and solar panels

Has Priyanka Gandhi set the agenda on politics for women? Has Priyanka's 40% women's quota put onus on other parties? India Today's @Rahulshrivstv  explains. Listen in #ITVideo  #UttarPradesh  #politics 

Govt claims to be *world beating* in its Heat & Buildings strategy are sadly laughable when you look at what's happening elsewhere This is a half-baked, woefully under-funded plan that barely scratches surface of what's needed to cut emissions & keep people warm @BBCNewsnight 

Businesses rates are outdated and unfair.   Labour would replace it with a more supportive, fairer system.

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Spooked Pakistan claims it 'spotted' our submarine! India Today's @ShivAroor  shares details #India  #Pakistan  #Submarine  #Delhi 

1/The heat and buildings strategy has been delayed for months. For a country facing an energy price crisis, rising bills, and climate emergency, it wasn't worth the wait. 🧵

How Japan became a Covid success story as daily cases drop below 100