Biden Democrats

Here’s a basic equation Biden and the Democrats don’t seem to understand: Lower taxes = more jobs and greater economic prosperity

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Biden Democrats

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Decision to allow UEFA VIPs to swerve quarantine rules stinks It’s hypocritical & it’s dangerous - undermining public health message that rules are vital to keep us all safe. But typical of this Government - one rule for them, another for everyone else

. @grantshapps ⁩ tells @SkyNews  this is an “entirely personal matter” for Matt Hancock. But what isn’t is his decision to hire Coladangelo using public money as an aide (h/t @Gabriel_Pogrund ⁩) & then as a NED on DHSC board. Serious questions.

Even with £37bn of public money, Serco's *NHS* test & trace still - has no targets for reaching close contacts - isn't sharing data promptly with local health teams - can't cope with sharp rise in cases Yet Dido Harding wants to run the NHS🤦‍♀️ @NAOorguk 

Media briefing by Dr. @sambitswaraj  at BJP headquarters in New Delhi.

We need to end the deeply unjust and unfair raid on miners’ pensions. Government can and must act now, making an immediate difference to retired miners and their families. If this government does not act, a Labour government will right this historic wrong.

One of the great treasures of classical Greece

Man tests positive for Covid for 305 days in longest recorded case

Why no large-scale testing to prevent spread of Delta plus variant, asks #RahulGandhi  Read more :

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